Territorial Pluralism
364 pages, 6 x 9
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Release Date:01 Jul 2015
Release Date:12 Jan 2015
Release Date:12 Jan 2015

Territorial Pluralism

Managing Difference in Multinational States

UBC Press

Territorial pluralism is a form of political autonomy designed to accommodate national, ethnic, or linguistic differences within a state. It has the potential to provide for the peaceful, democratic, and just management of difference. But given traditional concerns about state sovereignty, nation-building, and unity, how realistic is it to expect that a state's authorities will agree to recognize and empower distinct substate communities?

Territorial Pluralism answers this question by examining a wide variety of cases, including developing and industrialized states and democratic and authoritarian regimes. Drawing on examples of both success and failure, it analyzes specific cases to understand the kinds of institutions that emerge in response to demands for territorial pluralism, as well as their political effects.

The contributors to this volume find that no single institutional model suits every context or produces the same results. Nor is territorial pluralism – as a tool for managing difference – without its ethical and practical limitations. Nevertheless, with identity conflicts continuing to have a major impact on politics around the globe, they find that territorial pluralism remains a legitimate and effective means for the peaceful management of difference in multinational states.

This book will interest scholars and practitioners concerned with nationalism and ethnic conflict, territorial politics and federalism, as well as democracy and democratization.

This is undoubtedly a definitive and comprehensive volume; it will be an invaluable source book for policymakers and scholars alike who have an abiding interest in the management of differences in multinational states. Kham Khan Suan Hausing, University of Hyderabad, Commonwealth & Comparative Politics, Vol. 55 No. 1, December 2016

Karlo Basta is an assistant professor of political science at Memorial University of Newfoundland. John McGarry is Canada Research Chair in Nationalism and Democracy in the Department of Political Studies at Queen’s University. Richard Simeon was a professor emeritus at the University of Toronto and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada.

Other contributors: Mira Bachvarova, Bruce J. Berman, César Colino, John Boye Ejobowah, Angustias Hombrado, Michael Keating, Peter Kraus, André Laliberté, Margaret Moore, Brendan O’Leary, Wilfried Swenden


Introduction / Richard Simeon

Part 1: Conceptual and Normative Dimensions

1 Territorial Pluralism: Taxonomizing Its Forms, Virtues, and Flaws / John McGarry and Brendan O’Leary

2 A Conceptual and Normative Analysis of Territorial Pluralism / Mira Bachvarova and Margaret Moore

3 Caught in the Minority Trap: Limits of Territorial Autonomy / Peter A. Kraus

Part 2: Empirical and Comparative Dimensions

4 Is Federalism Like Snow, and Is It Exportable? Some Cautionary Notes on the Study of Federalism / Richard Simeon

5 Territorial Autonomy in Nationally Divided Societies: The Experience of the United Kingdom, Spain, and Bosnia and Herzegovina / Michael Keating

6 Sustaining Territorial Pluralism: The Political Economy of Institutional Change / Karlo Basta

7 Territorial Pluralism in Spain: Characteristics and Assessment / César Colino and Angustias Hombrado

8 Belgium and the Crisis of Governability, 2007-11: Rebooting Territorial Pluralism? / Wilfried Swenden

9 Land and Citizenship in Nigerian Ethnofederalism / John Boye Ejobowah

10 Ethnic Territory, Land Tenure, and Citizenship in Africa: The Politics of Devolution in Ghana and Kenya / Bruce J. Berman

11 Consociational Theory, Self-Determination Disputes, and Territorial Pluralism: The Case of Cyprus / John McGarry

12 The Two Shadows of Empire and Still-Born Federalism in China / André Laliberté

Conclusion: The Continuing Relevance of Territorial Pluralism / Karlo Basta and Richard Simeon


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