The Accessible Games Book
128 pages, 6 x 9
Release Date:01 Dec 1999
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The Accessible Games Book

Jessica Kingsley Publishers
The Accessible Game Book contains games specifically chosen or adapted for mixed groups including people with auditory or visual impairments, those in wheelchairs, and those with multiple disabilities. The games can also be used as a means of improving disability awareness among the non-disabled, and have been used successfully in the rehabilitation of stroke victims and groups of people of all abilities and ages.Each game is explained clearly, with symbols to indicate the level of ability, suggestions for elaborations or modifications, and important points to remember. Full details are given on any materials required for the games and whether the game requires small (fewer than 10 people), medium (10-40) or large (40 or more) groups. The Accessible Games Book is an important resource for those running playschemes or youth groups, or in training or educational situations.
RELATED TOPICS: Health & Well-Being
'This is a treasure trove of very easy to use games that will be as inclusive as possible for everyone in your group - the ones who are shy, the ones who don't like loud stuff, the ones who don't like rough stuff. And instead of those members of your group who have some form of disability having to sit at the side and watch everyone else, they can be included too. Each game is very clearly laid out and very easy to follow. Lots of the games need very few resources - if any - but represent powerful tools in developing relationships in a youthgroup. Some of the games have variations listed so that you can take the game into a more developed realm if you want to.'- Youthwork'This user friendly book would be of enormous assistance to those involved with groups of people with mixed abilities. The games are simple and fun, and they would suit all ages; games are included for those with auditory, visual and physical disabilities. Many of the games will encourage disability awareness for those who are not impaired. Author Katie Marl is a teacher who has spent much of her life in a wheelchair.The book includes a very good selection of games. Each one is clearly explained with symbols indicating the level of ability required - although many of the games can be adapted to suit different needs and abilities. The group size is given - small (fewer than 10 participants), medium (10-40) or large (40 or more). Where materials are required, they are listed with the game.The games are all meant to be enjoyed and they are a great way to learn how to share, improve listening skills, get to know others, talk about oneself and boost self-esteem and confidence. The games also encourage group cooperation, teamwork and leadership skills. They can improve physical activity/ability and mental agility. There is great scope for use of the imagination and dramatic skills.If you need new ideas, this book is for you.'- Frontline Magazine
Katie Marl qualified as a primary school teacher, specialising in English at Edge Hill College in Ormskirk. She has spent much of her life in a wheelchair. She now lives and teaches in the North West.
Introduction. Adverb game. Agree/disagree. Air-raid shelter. Alphabet game. Animal happy families. Animal noises. Animal race. Arch game. Balloon. Beautiful things. Build a machine. Clapping names. Collecting names. Communication skills game. Contact. Data processing. Do I bark? Down on the farm. Electricity current game. Errrrr. Famous people. Farmyard. Farmyard fun. Fear in a hat. Find the same. Finder's clap. Getting to know you. Gibberish. Goods wagon relay. Gripes auction. Group outing. Guess who said it. Ha ha ha. Hole in the bucket. Huggy bear. Human structures. Human treasure hunt. I am a shoe. Intentifi-picture. I'll bet you can't. Introduction game. Islands. It's a verbal knockout. Knee tag. Lawyer. Leader of the orchestra. Linked animals. Listen. Machines 2. Make a story. Matchbox merriment. Mill and grab. Mime rhyme. Mime the lie. Musical hats. My name is?? Name game. Names. Noah's ark. Pack of cards. Paper fish. Parent cocktail party. Partner conversations. Pass squeeze. Quick line-up. Rainforest morning. Sharing. Sharing circle. Sherlock Holmes. Sign game. Silent island. Speechless. Speedy numbers. Spirals. Tails. The machine game. The ordering game. The toilet paper game. The word wizard. Tick tock. Water pirates. Waterchild. What is my job? What use is this? What's the rule? Who am I? Winking murder. Woolly fun. Word tickle. Zoom eeek.
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