The Artist as Therapist
228 pages, 5 x 9
Release Date:27 Jul 2000

The Artist as Therapist

Jessica Kingsley Publishers
In this classic text Art Robbins explores the role of the art therapist in integrating aesthetics and psychodynamics into the therapeutic process. He argues that psychological phenomena have their aesthetic counterparts, and that incorporating these elements facilitates the therapeutic process. The artist in the therapist responds to the patient's use of colour, space, form and energy; the therapist uses his or her artist's reaction to ascertain the psychodynamics of the piece.Drawing on his extensive experience as a psychoanalyst, psychologist, art therapist and sculptor, Robbins weaves together object relations theory and principles of art to create a more cohesive understanding of therapeutic treatment. Now reissued by Jessica Kingsley Publishers, The Artist as Therapist integrates art and psychology and has profound implications for all those working in these fields.
'A work of great potential value for practitioners trained not only in the creative arts, for it talks more broadly about the artist in everyone, and points the way towards learning to apply these universal qualities to our clinical work.'- Arts in Psychotherapy
Art Robbins EdD is Professor of Art Therapy at the Pratt Institute and a Founding Director of the Institute of Expressive Analysis. He is on the board of directors of the National Psychological Association for Psychoanalysis and has been on the faculty for over thirty years. He is also a New York State licensed psychologist and a graduate certified psychoanalyst. His other books include Between Therapists: The Processing of Transference/Countertransference Material; Therapeutic Presence: Bridging Expression and Form; and A Multi-Modal Approach to Creative Art Therapy, all available from Jessica Kingsley Publishers.
Acknowledgments. Preface. PART I: THEORY AND TECHNIQUE. 1. A Theoretical Overview. 2. Technique as a Mirror of Theory. 3. Holding Environment as frame for Theory and Technique, by Art Robbins, Betty Costa, Pia Mitchel and Michaela Rowan. 4. Aesthetics of Healing within the Inner Representational World, by Art Robbins and Priscilla Rogers. 5. Materials as an Extension of the Holding Environment, by Art Robbins and Donna Goffia-Girasek. 6. The Institution as a Holding Environment for the Therapist, by Beth Gonzalez Dolginko and Art Robbins. 7. The Use of Visual Perception as an Aide in Planning Short-Term Treatment Goals. PART II: CLINICAL APPLICATIONS. 8. Transference and Countertransference within the Schizoid Phenomenon. 9. Regeneration of the Potential Life Space of the Antitherapeutic Patient. 10. A Study in the Aesthetics of Pain, Rage, Loss and Reintegration. 11. A Final Word. Appendix. References. Index.
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