The Asperkid's Launch Pad
Release Date:01 May 2013

The Asperkid's Launch Pad

Home Design to Empower Everyday Superheroes

Jessica Kingsley Publishers

For Asperkids, home is both their protected lair and their launch pad into a neurotypical world. In this unique book, Jennifer O'Toole provides parents with all the help they need in planning their home environment to encourage their Asperkid superheroes to soar.

The Asperkid's Launch Pad is a visually-led instructional guide to preparing a home environment that supports the development of children with Asperger syndrome. From a bedroom light switch that the child can easily reach, to a tucked-away safe place that he or she can retreat to when feeling overwhelmed or anxious, small changes in the home can boost the child's self-confidence, independence, comfort, and life skills. Award-winning author Jennifer O'Toole gives readers a walk-through tour of her home, showing, room by room, how physical surroundings affect Asperkids and highlighting the latent learning opportunities in every space and object.

Beautifully presented with colour photographs throughout, this functional and fun book will win a place in the homes (and hearts) of all parents of children with Asperger syndrome.

Jennifer Cook O'Toole has Asperger syndrome and is the mother of three young Asperkids. She graduated from Brown University, and attended Columbia University's Graduate School of Social Work. In 2012, she won the GRASP (Global and Regional Asperger Syndrome Partnership) Distinguished Spectrumite Medal, as well as the 2012 Temple Grandin Award for “outstanding accomplishment and contribution to [her] family and community.” She is the author of Asperkids and The Asperkid's (Secret) Book of Social Rules.
Acknowledgements. Superhero Designer Quarterly. Part I. Room-by-Room House Tour. What Belongs (and What Doesn't) In a Truly Dreamy Bedroom. All Good Parties End Up in the Kitchen. (Ahem.) The Potty. The Privy. The Restroom. The Washroom. La Toilette. Domestic Bliss AKA: Everyone Has to Know How to Wash His Own Socks. “My Corner of the Sky”: Physical Security Begets Emotional Calm. Three Purposeful Places: Playrooms, Study Spaces, and Launch Pads. The Original Playstation: Outside Your Asper-fabulous Home. Part II. The “The Anti-Catalog” Must-Haves: Inspiration, Not Perspiration. The Curious Incident of the Frog Print on the Ceiling. Part III. Where Their Stories Begin: Prepared Hearts Taking Off from Prepared Homes. Resources for Laying Out Your Lair.
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