The Book of Want
144 pages, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2
Release Date:15 Apr 2011
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The Book of Want

The University of Arizona Press

When Moses descended Mount Sinai carrying the Ten Commandments, henever could have foreseen how one family in Los Angeles in the earlytwenty-first century would struggle to live by them.

Conchita, a voluptuous, headstrong, and single woman of a certainage, sees nothing wrong with enjoying the company of handsome –and usually much younger – men. That is, until she encounters awidower with unusual gifts and begins to think about what she reallywants out of life.

Julieta, Conchita’s younger sister, walks a more traditionalpath, but she and her husband each harbor secrets that could changetheir marriage and their lives forever. Their twin sons, both incollege, struggle to find fulfillment. Mateo refuses to let anyonestand in the way of his happiness while Rolando grapples with hissexuality and the family’s expectations. And from time to time,Belén, the family’s late matriarch pays a visit to advise, scold,and cajole her hapless descendents.

A delightful family tapestry, woven with the threads of all those whoselives are touched by Conchita, The Book of Want is anenchanting blend of social and magical realism that tells a charmingstory about what it means to be fully human.
RELATED TOPICS: Fiction, Literature
Daniel A. Olivas practises law with the CaliforniaDepartment of Justice Public Rights Division and is the author of fivebooks, including Anywhere But L.A. and Devil Talk.
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