The Causes of Tropical Deforestation
355 pages, 6 x 9
Release Date:01 Jan 1994

The Causes of Tropical Deforestation

The Economic and Statistical Analysis of Factors Giving Rise to the Loss of the Tropical Forests

UBC Press

The rapid destruction of tropical forests is one of the mostpressing environmental problems of our time, but the internationalcommunity and national governments are unable to formulate effectivepolicy responses without a clear understanding of the causes ofdeforestation. This comprehensive and coherent account presents the'state of the art' econometric analysis of tropicaldeforestation, quantifying and examining the local and underlyingglobal causes.

The contributors are distinguished authors from developed anddeveloping countries, and are based in research institutions andinternational agencies. They provide a global view of key issues suchas population, debt, income and poverty and agricultural development.In addition, country and regional case studies are presented, focusingon the causes of deforestation in Latin America and Asia, and the roleof the tropical timber trade is subjected to particular scrutiny. Thebook offers rigorous quantitative analysis at the global, regional andcountry levels, and dispels some of the myths which surround tropicaldeforestation. It improves our understanding of the forces drivingglobal environmental degradation, and is testament to the belief thatmany, though not all, of the explanations for it lie in the workings ofnational and international economies.

This important and timely book should appeal particularly toenvironmental and resource economists, development planners, forestersand others concerned with global environmental issues. It will also beof strong interest to graduate and undergraduate students of economics,environmental science, ecology and forestry, and those followingcourses in development studies and agricultural development.

Katrina Brown (editor) is Senior Research Associate atCSERGE, University of East Anglia, and has a background in natural andsocial sciences. Her work concentrates on the conflicts betweendevelopment and environmental degradation, and on social and economicaspects of the conservation of biodiversity. DavidPearce (editor) is Professor of Economics at UniversityCollege London and Director of CSERGE, which is the UK's premierresearch centre examining global environmental issues. He is aninternationally renowned environmental economist, has published morethan fifty books, and has been awarded the UNEP Global 500 roll ofhonour.

Preface and Acknowledgements

Notes on Contributors

I. The Issues

1. Saving the world's tropical forests

2. Tropical deforestation: rates and patterns

II. Explaining Global Deforestation

3. Population and deforestation

4. International debt and deforestation

5. Tropical forest depletion and the changing macroeconomy,1967-85

6. Macroeconomic causes of deforestation: barking up the wrongtree?

7. Population, development and tropical deforestation: across-national study

8. Population, land-use and the environment in developing countries:what can we learn from cross-national data?

9. Tropical deforestation and agricultural developments in LatinAmerica

III. Country Case Studies

10. The causes of tropical deforestation: a quantitative analysisand case study from the Philippines

11. Incentives for tropical deforestation: some examples from LatinAmerica

12. An econometric model of Amazon deforestation

13. An econometric analysis of the causes of tropical deforestation:the case of Northeast Thailand

14. Deforestation in Thailand

15. Government failure and deforestation in Indonesia

16. An analysis of the causes of deforestation in India

IV. The Tropical Timber Trade

17. The timber trade and tropical deforestation in Indonesia

18. Deforestation: the role of the international trade in tropicaltimber

19. The tropical timber trade and sustainable development



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