The Food Sharing Revolution
208 pages, 6 x 9
4 illus.
Release Date:15 Nov 2018

The Food Sharing Revolution

How Start Ups, Pop Ups, and Co Ops are Changing the Way We Eat

Island Press

Marvin is a contract hog farmer in Iowa. He owns his land, his barn, his tractor, and his animal crates. He has seen profits drop steadily for the last twenty years and feels trapped. Josh is a dairy farmer on a cooperative in Massachusetts. He doesn’t own his cows, his land, his seed, or even all of his equipment. Josh has a healthy income and feels like he’s made it.

In The Food Sharing Revolution, Michael Carolan tells the stories of traditional producers like Marvin, who are being squeezed by big agribusiness, and entrepreneurs like Josh, who are bucking the corporate food system. The difference is Josh has eschewed the burdens of individual ownership and is tapping into the sharing economy.

Josh and many others are sharing tractors, seeds, kitchen space, their homes, and their cultures. They are business owners like Dorothy, who opened her bakery with the help of a no-interest crowd-sourced loan. They are chefs like Camilla, who introduces diners to her native Colombian cuisine through peer-to-peer meal sharing. Their success is not only good for aspiring producers, but for everyone who wants an alternative to monocrops and processed foods.

The key to successful sharing, Carolan shows, is actually sharing. He warns that food, just like taxis or hotels, can be coopted by moneyed interests. But when collaboration is genuine, the sharing economy can offer both producers and eaters freedom, even sovereignty. The result is a healthier, more sustainable, and more ethical way to eat.

RELATED TOPICS: Food Studies, Nature
Supported by national statistics and individual stories, Carolan's informative, anecdotal overview of a culinary revolution covers the sharing economy in fine detail, highlighting the demand for diverse food cultures, individual experiences, and a love for all that goes into the development of food sovereignty. Booklist
critically important, insightful and documented study of the economics of the food industry from field to plate, The Foodsharing Revolution is an extraordinary and groundbreaking study ... highly recommended. Midwest Book Review

Michael Carolan is a professor of sociology and associate dean for research in the College of Liberal Arts at Colorado State University. He is the author of No Eats Alone; The Real Cost of Cheap Food; The Sociology of Food and Agriculture; Reclaiming Food Security; and Cheaponomics: The High Cost of Low Prices, among other books. Dr. Carolan is also co-editor for the Journal of Rural Studies and has published more than 150 peer-reviewed articles and chapters.

Introduction: Ownership through Sharing

1 A Nightmare Realized

2 When Sharing Is Illegal

3 The Promise of Access

4 Social Tradeoffs

5 Putting Shared Technologies to Work

6 Overcoming Barriers

7 Walls Make Terrible Neighbors

8 From Pricks to Partners

9 Food Sovereignty

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