The Mysterious Power of Xingyi Quan
Release Date:28 Mar 2013
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The Mysterious Power of Xingyi Quan

A Complete Guide to History, Weapons and Fighting Skills

Jessica Kingsley Publishers, Singing Dragon

The ancient Chinese martial art of Xingyi Quan is known for its explosive internal power. Closely related to both Taiji Quan and Bagua Quan, Xingyi is regarded as the most esoteric, and the most dangerous of the fighting arts, though the purposes of consistent practice include health and spiritual development.

This in-depth guide is the first to cover the history and traditions of the art in such a comprehensive way, describing the essential Xingyi Quan movements, and their effects, in fully illustrated form, and including the author's research with the Song Xingyi Quan clan in China. The book contains a comprehensive teaching guide to the practice of Santi Shr and the Five Element Fists, the core exercises of this potent fighting system, as well as explanations of the underlying principles which give Xingyi Masters their great depth of skill and refined understanding of combat strategy. The reader will also find clearly illustrated teachings of all the Twelve Animal Forms, linking forms, two person sets, basic skills, and the weapons training.

This authoritative book will be an illuminating and complete guide for anyone interested in the internal martial arts, especially those practicing or teaching Xingyi Quan or wanting to learn more about it.

Master C S Tang has provided the internal martial arts community with a valuable guide to the history, principles and training of the art of Xingyiquan. It is my opinion that no other book currently available in the English language provides such detailed and extensive information on the martial and medical aspects of this wonderful art. Thank you Master Tang. – Damo Mitchell, Technical Director of the Lotus Nei Gong School of Daoist Arts and author of Daoist Nei Gong and Heavenly Streams
‘This comprehensive book on Xingyi Quan by Master C S Tang certainly sets a new standard for manuals on the art. It not only covers the entire system of Hebei Xingyi Quan with clear illustrations, but also gives very detailed explanations of the all-important basic training and core principles which will prove to be a lifelong reference for sincere practitioners.’ – Alex Kozma, author of Warrior Guards the Mountain
Master C S Tang is a senior Xingyi Quan, Bagua Quan and Yi Quan expert and researcher from Hong Kong, known for the depth of his knowledge and his skill in the internal systems. He studied Xingyi Quan with several Masters of the old generation, and has made a special study of collecting and researching the ancient training manuals of various Chinese martial arts systems. He lives in Hong Kong.
Preface. 1. Introduction. The Way of my Xingyi Quan. Fine Art and Xingyi Quan. The Beginnings of my Xingyi Quan. Xingyi Mixed form. The Five Fists of Lee Ying Ang. The Xingyi Five Elements Fists of Ho Ho Choy. The Xingyi Manual and Five Xingyi Tiger Forms of Zhang Jum Feng. Chu Gui Ting Xingyi Fist and Weaponry Transmission. Twelve Forms of Shanxi Xingyi. The Richness of Liu Jing Ru's Treasures. Xingyi 12 Animals Dui Lian. The Castle of Niu Sheng Xian. 2. History. I. The Origin of Xingyi Quan and Founder. II. Development of Xingyi Quan. 1. The Key points of Xinyi Six Harmony Boxing. 2. The Characteristics and Development of XYQ. 3.The Development of Heibi Xingyi. III. Entering the Heart of Xingyiquan. The Motherland of Song Xingyi – Song's Courtyard. Li Luo Neng Brings Xingyiquan to Taigu. The Legends of Li Cun Yi. Martial Arts System of Song's Xingyi Quan. 3. Legend of Yuefei. The God of Justice. The Martial Arts of Yue Fei. Yue Fei's Teacher – The Story of Zhou Tong. 4. The System. Levels. 5. Basics. 1. Shapes. 2. Culture of Santi Shi. 3. The Foundation of Xing Yi Quan – Santi Shi. 4. Manual and Theories of Xing Yi Quan. 1. The Eight Characters Song. 2. Xing Yi Six Harmonies. 5. Basic Exercises. 6. Five Element Fists. Theories of Five Element Fists. The Training. The Movements. The Application. 7. 12 Animal Fists. Theories. Illustration. Application. Advanced Level. Health Aspects. Twelve Meridians. Best Hours for Training. Momentous Songs of 12 Animal Styles. 8. Forms. 1. Five Elements Evolving Forms - Single Side Form. 2. Five Elements Evolving Form - Double Side Form. 3. Five Elements Destructing Form. 4. Five Elements Evolving and Destructing Form. 5. Five Elements Linking Form. 6. Chicken Four Form. 7. Five Elements Chicken Four Form. 8. Ba Shi Form. 9. Six Harmony Form. 10. Zashichui Form. 11. Xing Yi Twelve Combat Form. 9. Partners 2 Men Drill. Form 1 - Three Hands Cannon (San Shou Pao). Form 2 - Wu Xing Pao (Five Elements Cannon). Form 3 Wu Hua Pao (Five Flowers Cannon). Form 4 - Fixed Step Wu Xing Pao. 10. Weapons. 1. Xingyi Dao - Sabre. 2. Xingyi Jian - Sword. 3. Xingyi Gun - Cudge. 4. Xingyi Qiang - Spear. 5. XingYi Lian Huan Dao and Application.
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