The Wealth of Forests
408 pages, 6 1/4 x 9 1/4
Release Date:01 May 1999
Release Date:21 Oct 1998
Release Date:01 Oct 2007

The Wealth of Forests

Markets, Regulation, and Sustainable Forestry

Edited by Chris Tollefson
UBC Press

Industrial forestry in North America is at a crossroads. A broadconsensus has emerged that both the practice and theory of forestrymust change in order to achieve sustainability.

This book is a pioneering attempt to consider the concrete policyimplications of the much discussed transition to sustainable forestry.It integrates two distinct academic literatures: one that seeks todefine and identify ways to implement sustainable forestry, and anotherthat focuses on the relative merits of regulatory and marketinstruments for promoting environmental values.

The ideas are dazzling, imaginative, and innovative. The authors don't pretend to have all the answers to the dilemma of how to restructure BC's most important industry. They do make a major contribution to the discussion. Stephen Hume, The Vancouver Sun
The book contains 15 thoughtful essays on a wide range of forest policy topics, all taken from the viewpoint of foresters in British Columbia. A large part of each essay, however, has broad applicability. People more current with British Columbia than this reviewer may find the book somewhat outdated, but it remains a sophisticated and well-constructed overview for the rest of us. John C. Gordon, School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, Yale University, Journal of Industrial Ecology, Volume 5, Number 1, 2001
Recommended. B.D. Orr, Choice May 1999
Christopher Tollefson is an associate professor in thefaculty of law at the University of Victoria.

Introduction / Chris Tollefson

1. Economic Instruments for Promoting Sustainable Forestry:Opportunities and Constraints / Peter H. Pearse

2. Governing Instruments for Forest Policy in British Columbia: APositive and Normative Analysis / W.T. Stanbury and Ilan B.Vertinsky

3. Compliance and Constraint: Economic Instruments for AchievingObjectives of Public Forest Policy in British Columbia / DavidHaley and Martin K. Luckert

4. Living Communities in a Living Forest: Towards an Ecosystem-BasedStructure of Local Tenure and Management / Michael M’Gonigleand Brian L. Scarfe

5. Sustainable Practices? An Analysis of BC’s Forest PracticesCode / Tracey L. Cook

6. Priority-Use Zoning: Sustainable Solution or Symbolic Politics? /Jeremy Rayner

7. Sustained Yield: Why has it Failed to Achieve Sustainability? /Lois Dellert

8. The Pitfalls and Potential of Eco-Certification as a MarketIncentive for Sustainable Forest Management / Fred Gale and CheriBurda

9. Regulation, Takings, Compensation, and the Environment: AnEconomic Perspective / David Cohen and Brian Radnoff

10. Ecoforestry Bound: How International Trade Agreements Constrainthe Adoption of An Ecosystem-Based Approach to Forest Management /Fred Gale

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