Toilet Training and Autism Spectrum Disorder
Release Date:21 Sep 2015
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Toilet Training and Autism Spectrum Disorder

A Guide for Professionals

Jessica Kingsley Publishers

This practical guide equips practitioners to support families and carers in developing effective toilet training programmes and provide continued help with analysing and addressing problems that occur. With appropriate intervention and persistence most children on the autism spectrum can be toilet trained, however difficult it may sometimes seem at first.

Eve Fleming and Lorraine MacAlister are specialists on continence problems in autism and have packed their expertise into this accessible guide. Focusing on the 3 'Ps' - preparation, practicalities and problem-solving - they offer a step-by-step process tailored for children with autism, which includes strategies for managing behavioural issues, approaches to address sensory sensitivities and advice on overcoming specific bowel and bladder difficulties. It also has an invaluable chapter on approaching toilet training with children with PDA.

This book will give early years practitioners, special education teachers, paediatric and school nurses, health visitors and other frontline professionals the knowledge and skills to support children with autism spectrum disorder and their families with toilet training.

Dr Eve Fleming has worked for many years as a community paediatrician in South Warwickshire, UK, and has led the bowel and bladder support services and clinics in this area. She co-authored the Department of Health exemplar on toilet training problems and special needs, and has contributed to training courses for professionals managing continence difficulties in children. Eve is also a Senior Teaching Fellow at the University of Warwick Medical School.

Lorraine MacAlister is an Autism Training Consultant at The National Autistic Society, UK, where she delivers training on autism, sensory considerations, behaviour, communication and effective strategies for supporting individuals with autism.

Acknowledgements. Foreword by Dr Penny Dobson, MBE. Part 1. Understanding toilet training and autism. 1. Introduction. 2. The importance of toilet training. 3. Why toilet training is difficult for children on the autism spectrum. Part 2. Preparation and planning. 4. Choosing the right time. 5. First steps, preparation for toilet training. 6. Toilet readiness. 7. Developing a toileting plan. Part 3. Wee and Poo-Manufacture, storage and transit. 8. The bladder and how it works. 9. Bladder problems and treatment. 10. Bedwetting. 11. The bowel and how it works. 12. Bowel problems. Part 4. Understanding behaviour. 13. Sensory differences in autism. 14. Autism and behaviour: Problem solving. 15. Smearing: Causes and Solutions. 16. Compliance Difficulties and Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA). Part 5. What next? 17. Older children and teenagers. 18. Toilet Teams that talk to each other - the road to success! 19. Finally, moving on. Appendices. References. Resources.
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