272 pages, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2
Release Date:21 Jun 2019


A Trans Woman on Gender, Feminism and Politics

Jessica Kingsley Publishers
How do I know I am trans? Is trans feminism real feminism? What is there to say about trans women's male privilege? This collection of insightful, pithy and passionately argued think pieces from a trans-feminist perspective explores issues surrounding gender, feminism and philosophy and challenges misconceptions about trans identities. The book confronts contentious debates in gender studies to alleviate ongoing tension between feminism and trans women. Split into six sections, this collection covers wider issues, as well as autobiographical experiences, designed to stimulate the reader and encourage them to actively participate.
RELATED TOPICS: Gender & Sexuality Studies
Rachel Anne Williams is a trans woman who runs the popular blog and has written for publications such as Medium.

PART I. Transfeminine Blues
1. Trans porn, Trans women, and the Fetishization of "tgurls"
2. There Is Nothing Universal to Say About Trans Women and Male Privilege
3. Trannies, Traps, and the Third Gender
4. Becoming the Woman I Never Was
5. Embracing Ambiguity
6. On Being an Angry Tranny

PART II. Intersectional Feminism
7. Trans Feminism Is Real Feminism
8. The Paradoxical Duality of Cat-calling
9. Dysphoria as a Symptom of Modernity
10. Turned On by Intelligence but Turned Off by Ableism: a Critique of Sapiosexualism
11. Why I Was Not Born in the Wrong Body
12. The Inherent Superiority of Softness
13. Nobody Is Trans Enough

PART III. Life in Transition
14. Let Trans Women Grow
15. Early Days of Transition: a Phenomenology of Change
16. Learning to say "Fuck it" to Passing
17. Hyper-vigilance in the Gender Machine

PART IV. Gender & Politics
18. Monster Politics: On-being-an-assemblage
19. Is the Very Concept of "Passing" Problematic?
20. Is Dysphoria Necessary for Being Trans? The "Truscum" Debate
21. Radical Feminism, Essentialism, and Normality
22. Autogynephilia, the Gift That Keeps on Giving
23. Transgender Ideology in America: Gender Hacking, Bio-sex, and the New Identity Politics
24. A Plea for Agnosticism in an Age of Ardor
25. There I Go Again, Thinking I Have a Basic Right to Exist in Society

PART V. Metaphysics & Epistemology
26. Against the Sex/Gender Distinction
27. Trans Without Transition? A Critique of Gender Identity
28. How Do I Know I Am Trans?
29. Gender Identity as a Brain-in-a-Vat
30. Gender Agnosticism; 31. The Promise and Failure of Gender Nihilism

PART IV. Autobiography
32. Giving Up My Male Privilege
33. Why I Left Academic Philosophy
34. U-hauling, Radical Vulnerability, and the Existential Feels of Queer, Poly Love
35. "That's so crazy!": Ableism, Madness, and the Politics of Perfect Language
36. Queering Personal Finance
37. t4t

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