Tui na
200 pages, 8 1/2 x 11
Release Date:21 May 2015

Tui na

A Manual of Chinese Massage Therapy

Jessica Kingsley Publishers, Singing Dragon

Tui na: The Chinese Massage Manual is a comprehensive and wellestablished handbook for students and practitioners of Tui na in theWest.

The author describes the roots and development of Tui na, how itworks therapeutically with the context of Chinse medicine, and how tobecome an effective Tui na practitioner.

The book contains detailed and clearly illustrated descriptions ofTui na techniques, how to practice them, their clinical applicationsand therapeutic effects. Foundation area routines are provided tosupport the development and fluidity of manual skills and to give aninitial structure for building treatments.

The book has a unique approach to creating and planning Tui natreatments. Avoiding the prescriptive approach usually employed, theauthor discusses the principles of practice and enables the studentpractitioner to make choices and formulate treatments by bringingtogether their knowledge and skills. Frameworks are provided, andtechniques, methods and approaches suggested for presenting patterns ofdisharmony within the treatment of common ailments.

The book features

- Over 120 photographs clearly illustrating the techniques

- The application of the ancillary therapies of cupping, gua sha andmoxibustion

- The application of external herbal media

- `Tips for Practice' easy reference to support the learning oftechniques

- Case histories illustrating the treatment of common clinicalailments

- Treatment foundation area routines

- Yin and yang styles of practice

- Demonstration of how to combine Tui na and acupuncture inpractice

- a related series of videos (available online) showing how to applyall the major techniques

Sarah Pritchard, Lic Ac., MBAcC. Dip Tui na(Nanjing) MRTCM, was one of the first Westerners to practice Tui na inthe UK. She trained in both the UK and in Nanjing, China, and has beenworking as a professional Tui na practitioner and acupuncturist since1994. She is the Tui na course co-ordinator and senior lecturer at theCity College of Acupuncture, and the founder and director of BlackheathComplementary Health Centre, London. She is the chair and a foundermember of the UK Register of Tui na Chinese Massage.

Preface. Section One: Foundations. 1. Foundations and Development ofTui na. Section Two: Techniques and Methods. 2. Introduction to Tui naTechniques. 3. Basic Techniques. 4. Compound Techniques. 5. CoordinatedTechniques. 6. Passive Movements. 7. Area Foundation Routines. 8.Ancillary Therapies. 9. External Herbs. Section Three: Tui na Treatment- General Principles for Creating and Planning Treatments. 10.Introduction to Section Three. 11. Muscular Skeletal Ailments. 12.Digestive Disorders. 13. Gynecological Problems. 14. Headaches andHypertension. 15. Coughs, Colds and Asthma. 16. Combining Acupunctureand Tui na in Practice. Index.

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