Tutoring Second Language Writers
288 pages, 6 x 8
Release Date:01 Mar 2016

Tutoring Second Language Writers

Edited by Shanti Bruce and Ben Rafoth; Foreword by Carol Severino
Utah State University Press

Tutoring Second Language Writers, a complete update of Bruce and Rafoth’s 2009 ESL Writers, is a guide for writing center tutors that addresses the growing need for tutors who are better prepared to work with the increasingly international population of students seeking guidance at the writing center.

Drawing upon philosopher John Dewey’s belief in reflective thinking as a way to help build new knowledge, the book is divided into four parts. Part 1: Actions and Identities is about creating a proactive stance toward language difference, thinking critically about labels, and the mixed feelings students may have about learning English. Part 2: Research Opportunities demonstrates writing center research projects and illustrates methods tutors can use to investigate their questions about writing center work. Part 3: Words and Passages offers four personal stories of inquiry and discovery, and Part 4: Academic Expectations describes some of the challenges tutors face when they try to help writers meet readers’ specific expectations.

Advancing the conversations tutors have with one another and their directors about tutoring second language writers and writing, Tutoring Second Language Writers engages readers with current ideas and issues that highlight the excitement and challenge of working with those who speak English as a second or additional language.

Contributors include Jocelyn Amevuvor, Rebecca Day Babcock, Valerie M. Balester, Shanti Bruce, Frankie Condon, Michelle Cox, Jennifer Craig, Kevin Dvorak, Paula Gillespie, Glenn Hutchinson, Pei-Hsun Emma Liu, Bobbi Olson, Pimyupa W. Praphan, Ben Rafoth, Jose L. Reyes Medina, Guiboke Seong, and Elizabeth (Adelay) Witherite.

‘A valuable contribution to the training of new and experienced tutors as they navigate the complexities of working with the more global, linguistically diverse student populations that are part of today’s colleges and universities.’
—Christina Ortmeier-Hooper, University of New Hampshire

'In order to better interact with, teach, and learn from second language writers, in order for the writing center field to grow, it is imperative that we create knowledge through research. . . . By connecting writing center words to multiple relevant worlds outside the center, Tutoring Second Language Writers sets a new, positive direction for writing center growth, research, and scholarship.'
—Carol Severino, from the foreword

'[The] volume goes beyond basic 'how to's' of tutoring L2 writers and instead digs deeply into the complex cultural, social and linguistic concerns that our centers face as we seek to not only effectively assist second language writers, but also create more multilingual centers. . . . the editors provide relevant, sound research that investigates new aspects of these issues as well as strategies that are both fresh and well-tested.'
—Southern Discourse in the Center

'[P]rovides readers with an in-depth look into the social issues that second language writers encounter and offers a great amount of personal insight from experienced tutors.'
—Technical Communication

Shanti Bruce is professor and chair of the Department of Writing and Communication at Nova Southeastern University, where she earned the Faculty Excellence in Teaching Award. She coedited ESL Writers: A Guide for Writing Center Tutors and Creative Approaches to Writing Center Work, both honored by the International Writing Centers Association with its Outstanding Scholarship Award for Best Book/Major Work.

Ben Rafoth is Distinguished University Professor and director of the writing center at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, where he also teaches graduate courses in the composition and TESOL program. He is the editor of A Tutor’s Guide: Helping Writers One to One and coeditor of ESL Writers: A Guide for Writing Center Tutors.

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