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The University of British Columbia Press is Canada’s leading social sciences publisher. With an international reputation for publishing high-quality works of original scholarship, our books draw on and reflect cutting-edge research, pushing the boundaries of academic discourse in innovative directions. Each year UBC Press publishes seventy new titles in a number of fields, including Aboriginal studies, Asian studies, Canadian history, environmental studies, gender and women’s studies, health and food studies, geography, law, media and communications, military and security studies, planning and urban studies, and political science.
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The Planning, Design, and Development of Toronto’s CityPlace

In an era of frantic vertical urbanization known as “condoism,” Condoland explores the planning and design of Toronto’s CityPlace, one of North America’s largest residential development projects – and reveals what can happen when the real estate industry comes to dominate city planning.

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Sex, Sexuality, and the Constitution

Enshrining the Right to Sexual Autonomy in Japan

Sex, Sexuality, and the Constitution persuasively demonstrates the need to entrench protections for individual sexual autonomy within constitutional law.

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We Shall Persist

Women and the Vote in the Atlantic Provinces

We Shall Persist is the first book to detail the distinctive political contexts and common problems that characterized campaigns for women’s suffrage and other rights in Atlantic Canada.

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Witness to the Human Rights Tribunals

How the System Fails Indigenous Peoples

Witness to the Human Rights Tribunals offers a behind-the-scenes account of the difficulties facing Indigenous people in human rights tribunals, and the struggles of experts to keep their own testimony from being undermined.

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Follow the Leader, Lose the Region

Charting a Canadian Strategy for the Asia-Pacific

Follow the Leader, Lose the Region conclusively demonstrates that an understanding of how Asia sees itself should inform Canadian foreign policy in the region.

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People, Politics, and Purpose

Biography and Canadian Political History

People, Politics, and Purpose investigates the roles and reputations of a wide array of political actors, offering insight into Canada’s place in the world and stimulating fresh thinking about political biography.

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China's Asymmetric Statecraft

Alignments, Competitors, and Regional Diplomacy

China’s Asymmetric Statecraft uncovers the different narratives and paradigms that constitute Chinese foreign policy toward its weaker neighbours, alerting us to a dramatically changing international environment.

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Global Health Security in China, Japan, and India

Assessing Sustainable Development Goals

Global Health Security in China, Japan, and India uses the targets set by the UN Sustainable Development Goals to conduct an impressively thorough assessment of coordinated health care in three major Asian countries.

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Upholding Indigenous Economic Relationships

Nehiyawak Narratives

Upholding Indigenous Economic Relationships investigates Indigenous economic theories and relationships through the lenses of settler colonial exploitation and Indigenous resurgence.

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Family Law in Action

Divorce and Inequality in Quebec and France

Family Law in Action examines the inequalities produced by divorce and separation in France and Quebec.

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Life against States of Emergency

Revitalizing Treaty Relations from Attawapiskat

Life against States of Emergency responds to the central question Attawapiskat chief Theresa Spence asked in a high-profile ceremonial fast: What does it mean to be in a treaty relationship today?

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Forging Diasporic Citizenship

Narratives from German-Born Turkish Ausländer

Forging Diasporic Citizenship is a work of narrative research that explores the nature and implications of “diasporic citizenship” as it is evolving among German-born, Turkish-origin Berliners.

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