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Established in 1950, the University of Texas Press produces approximately one hundred new books each year and has over 3000 books in print. Their areas of scholarly concentration include American studies, anthropology, archaeology, architecture, art, classics, film and media studies, food studies and cookbooks, history, Jewish studies, Latin American and pre-Columbian studies, Latinx studies, Middle Eastern studies, music, nature and environment, photography, and Texas and the Southwest. In addition, UT Press publishes books of general interest for a wider audience on a variety of subjects, including history, current affairs, the visual arts, music, and food, among others, as well as books on the history, culture, arts, and natural history of Texas.

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The Islamic Movement in Israel

The only book in English that recounts how the Islamic Movement in Israel originated and developed into a popular grassroots organization focused on protecting the Palestinian people, their land, and their religious sites.

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Chicanx Utopias

Pop Culture and the Politics of the Possible

Exploring race, politics, Chicanx history, and social movements, this book offers a broad and encompassing examination of Chicanx popular culture since World War II and the utopian visions it articulated.

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Rethinking Zapotec Time

Cosmology, Ritual, and Resistance in Colonial Mexico

As the first exhaustive translation and analysis of an extraordinary Zapotec calendar and ritual song corpus, seized in New Spain in 1704, this book expands our understanding of Mesoamerican history, cosmology, and culture.

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Rethinking the Inka

Community, Landscape, and Empire in the Southern Andes

Leading researchers offer a dramatic reappraisal of the Inka Empire through the lens of Qullasuyu, a conquered region largely absent from existing English-language scholarship.

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Riot and Rebellion in Mexico

The Making of a Race War Paradigm

Challenging conventional narratives of Mexican history, this book establishes race-making as a central instrument for the repression of social upheaval in nineteenth-century Mexico rather than a relic of the colonial-era caste system.

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Image Encounters

Moche Murals and Archaeo Art History

The first comprehensive study of Moche mural art, this landmark book develops a methodology of archaeo art history to examine image-making and visual experience in an era of ancient Peruvian history before the use of writing.

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Abecedario de Juárez

An Illustrated Lexicon

Illustrated with evocative drawings by artist Alice Leora Briggs, this glossary uses the vocabulary created by the violence in Juárez, Mexico, to tell the stories of the people who live there.

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Gothic Sovereignty

Street Gangs and Statecraft in Honduras

Contributes to current conversations about Central American security crises and immigration stemming from gang violence by tracing the evolution of Honduran gangs from small, neighborhood groups to members of violent cartels.

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Selling Black Brazil

Race, Nation, and Visual Culture in Salvador, Bahia

This book explores visual portrayals of blackness in Brazil to reveal the integral role of visual culture in crafting race and nation across Latin America.

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The Mexican American Experience in Texas

Citizenship, Segregation, and the Struggle for Equality

A historical overview of Mexican Americans’ social and economic experiences in Texas, told through the lens of their fight for civil rights, from the Spanish period to the present.

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Comic Book Women

Characters, Creators, and Culture in the Golden Age

By Peyton Brunet and Blair Davis; Introduction by Trina Robbins

A revisionist history of the origins of comic books that reclaims women’s pioneering and pivotal roles as both creators and characters.

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Making Levantine Cuisine

Modern Foodways of the Eastern Mediterranean

From family staples to national dishes, Making Levantine Cuisine addresses the transnational histories and cultural nuances of the ingredients, recipes, and foodways that place the Levant onto an ever-shifting global culinary map.

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