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Established in 1950, the University of Texas Press produces approximately one hundred new books each year and has over 3000 books in print. Their areas of scholarly concentration include American studies, anthropology, archaeology, architecture, art, classics, film and media studies, food studies and cookbooks, history, Jewish studies, Latin American and pre-Columbian studies, Latinx studies, Middle Eastern studies, music, nature and environment, photography, and Texas and the Southwest. In addition, UT Press publishes books of general interest for a wider audience on a variety of subjects, including history, current affairs, the visual arts, music, and food, among others, as well as books on the history, culture, arts, and natural history of Texas.

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Sexual Labor in the Athenian Courts

A holistic study of five key texts of Athenian oratory, this book unravels the complex cultural constructions of sexual labor in classical Athens and offers a new perspective on the history of sex laborers in ancient Greece.

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Inventing Indigenism

Francisco Laso's Image of Modern Peru

A fascinating account of the modern reinvention of the image of the Indian in nineteenth-century literature and visual culture, seen through the work of Peruvian painter Francisco Laso.

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Handbook of Latin American Studies Vol. 75

Social Sciences

The 2021 volume of the benchmark bibliography of Latin American Studies.

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The Egyptian Labor Corps

Race, Space, and Place in the First World War

This history sheds new light on Egypt’s involvement in World War I by telling the story of the Egyptian Labor Corps and how the treatment of these primarily rural workers influenced the 1919 Egyptian Revolution.

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Paths to Excellence

The Dell Medical School and Medical Education in Texas

An inspiring account of how the Dell Medical School came into being at the University of Texas at Austin more than 125 years after the campus was established.

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Women's Lives, Women's Voices

Roman Material Culture and Female Agency in the Bay of Naples

The first book to focus exclusively on material evidence such as frescos, graffiti, and inscriptions to explore the lives of Roman women from all social classes in Pompeii and Herculaneum.

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Bronze Monsters and the Cultures of Wonder

Griffin Cauldrons in the Preclassical Mediterranean

An enlightening study of griffin cauldrons in the pre-classical Mediterranean, uncovering the origins of illusionism in Greek art and exploring the social significance of a changing visual culture.

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José Martí

A Revolutionary Life

Thoroughly researched, written from a nonpartisan perspective, and as lively as a novel, this is the definitive biography of the revered Cuban patriot and martyr whose revolutionary movement eventually ended the Spanish colonial domination of Cuba.

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The Florida Project

An in-depth look at the production of the 2017 film The Florida Project and the unique filmmaking style of its director, Sean Baker.

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Downtown Juárez

Underworlds of Violence and Abuse

An intimate look at the normalization of violence in the lives of sex workers, drug dealers, barflies, and drug addicts in downtown Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, one of the most dangerous cities in the world.

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Civil Rights in Black and Brown

Histories of Resistance and Struggle in Texas

Edited by Max Krochmal and Todd Moye

Drawing on hundreds of new interviews from grassroots activists in every corner of Texas, Civil Rights in Black and Brown tells the stories of the state’s intersecting African American and Mexican American liberation struggles.

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Resisting Garbage

The Politics of Waste Management in American Cities

Resisting Garbage presents an empirically grounded explanation for what meaningful change in waste management could look like and why that change is so difficult.

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