Village China at War
528 pages, 6 x 9
Release Date:01 Jul 2008
Release Date:15 Aug 2007

Village China at War

The Impact of Resistance to Japan, 1937-1945

UBC Press
Forged in the furnace of the anti-Japanese war, Chinese Communism firsttook root in the North of China, later expanding to conquer allof China. The explosive growth of the Chinese communist movementduring the war years is well known, but the nature of thisexpansion remains disputed. Dagfinn Gatu examines a set of interrelatedissues that have so far not received comprehensive treatment  intthe North China regions where the CCP secured most of its recruitsand where its policy programmes were most severely tested by Japanesemilitary campaigns. The CCP strove to combine two objectives:socio-economic and political restructuring in favour of the poor and anestablished grassroots rural united front that included all socialstrata. The movement had a broad, if uneven, redistributive impact onpower resources in the region, leading to a structural fluidity thatlowered the barriers to a future revolution. History accelerated.
In addition to contributions to linguistic theory, Pulleyblank offers stimulating interpretations of specific sound systems ... [his] innovative reasoning is lucidly expressed and the evidence is set forth plainly. Edward H. Schafer, Pacific Affairs
A rich source of ideas and innovative approaches. William H. Baxter III, Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies
Dagfinn Gatu teaches politics at Japan Women’sUniversity, Tokyo.

Conventions and Abbreviations



1. Introduction

2. The Phonology of Pekingese

3. Late Middle Chinese

4. The Sources of Early Middle Chinese

5. Reconstruction of Early Middle Chinese


Appendix I: A Comparison of EMC and LMC with Karlgren's"Ancient Chinese"

Appendix II: Reconstruction of Early Mandarin -- The Zhongyuanyinyun



A. Primary Sources

B. Secondary Works Cited

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