What is Terrorism?
64 pages, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2
Release Date:21 Jul 2018

What is Terrorism?

A Book to Help Kids and Adults Talk about Terror Together

Jessica Kingsley Publishers

Terror acts have taken place in several countries recently, and the media attention they generate means that children are more exposed to hearing about terrorism than ever before. Using simple language suited to children aged seven and up, this book is designed for an adult to read along with a child to help ease their misunderstanding and fear.

The authors, who are child psychologists, tackle a broad range of important but difficult questions with consideration, including: Why do some people and groups use terrorism? What are adults doing to prevent societies being hurt by terrorism? And what can we do when we feel worried and afraid? An honest and helpful guide to talking about terrorism, this reassuring book helps adults address children’s questions and concerns.

Dyregrov is a clinical psychologist and the Director of the C enter for C risis Psychology in Bergen, Norway. He has researched and lectured extensively on child psychology and has provided consultancy work for different UN organizations. Magne Raundalen is the most eminent child psychologist in Norway, and works with children in crisis. He is president of the Norwegian UNICEF Committees, and also works at the Center for Crisis Psychology in Bergen. William Yule is emeritus professor of applied child psychology at the Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College London and has been named one of the UK’s top 100 practising scientists by the Science Council.
PART I. Writing to children directly
1. What is terror and terrorism?
2. A brief history up to frequent acts of terrorism today in many different countries
3. Why do some people and groups use terrorism?
4. How can you better understand?
5. Are adults afraid?
6. What can be done against terrorism?
7. How to prevent terror in the future based on our knowledge
8. Caring for victims, children and families after attacks
9. What can you do when you are worried or afraid?
PART II. For adults
10. Why is it important to talk to children?
11. Approaching conversations
12. Providing hope for the future
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