Yogic Cooking
Release Date:21 Oct 2014
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Yogic Cooking

Nutritious Vegetarian Food

Compiled by Thalia Prassa
Jessica Kingsley Publishers, Singing Dragon

Yogic cooking is nutritious, easy to digest and free of toxins, allowing you to improve your health, keep your body strong and facilitate spiritual revolution. The aim of yoga is to cultivate a physical, mental and psychic balance so that higher states of being can be experienced. This can be achieved through a balanced vegetarian diet that includes all the essential vitamins and minerals.

With 56 delicious and easy-to-follow recipes, this book introduces the principles and practice of yogic cooking. There is an overview of the philosophy behind this traditionally vegetarian cuisine as well as dietary recommendations and guidelines. The recipes are perfect for all occasions, with appetisers, mains and desserts as well as sauces, soups and beverages. Recipes include courgette and potato mousaka, cauliflower pakora, dum aloo and warming Indian Chai tea.

This cookbook will be an essential addition to the shelves of yoga students and teachers, practitioners of ayurvedic medicine, vegetarians or anyone interested in a vegetarian diet or the ayurvedic approach to life.

Garuda Hellas is a publishing house based in Thessaloniki, Greece.
1. Yogic cooking. 2. Yoga and vegetarianism. 3. Types of vegetarians. 4. The psychology of cooking. 5. Vitamins and minerals. 6. Fifteen basic foods and their benefits. 7. Seasonal fruit and vegetables. 8. The dietary rules of Swami Sivananda. 9. Guidelines from Swami Satyananda. 10. Notes for all the recipes. 11. Appetizers, side dishes, sauces. I. Mint Raita. II. Cucumber Raita. III. Coconut Acha. IV. Red Acha. V. Yogurt Mayonnaise. VI. Pineapple Chutney (or other fruit). VII. Kalamata (Mung) Beans. 12. Used in Various Recipes. I. Basic Recipe. II. Natural Vegetable Stock. III. Bechamel Sauce. IV. Rice. 13. Soups. I. Dhal. II. Sambar Dhal. III. Curry Soup. IV. Courgette Soup with Basil. V. Pumpkin Soup. VI. Vegetarian Magiritsa Soup. 14. Main Dishes. I. Sabjee. II. Paneer Palak. III. Bhajee. IV. Briam (vegetable casserole or oven baked). V. Courgette and Potato Mousaka. VI. Rice Pulau. VII. Biryani. VIII. Vegetable Curry. IX. Cauliflower au gratin. X. Dum Aloo (baby potatoes). XI. Khichari. XII. Chickpeas with Rice. XIII. Upuma. XIV. Fried Vegetable Cutlets. 15. Marinades-batters. I. Batter for Fried Vegetables. II. Marinade for Barbequed Vegetables. III. Marinade for Baked Potatoes. IV. Exotic Marinade for Thai Barbeque. 16. Pulses. I. Black-eyed Bean Salad. II. Lentil Salad. III. Moogoris (vegetarian falafel). 17. Breads. I. Chapatis. II. Puri. III. Roti. IV. Parathas Roti. 18. Snacks. I. Samosa. II. Pakora. III. Cauliflower Pakora. IV. Kachori. V. Spinach Kachori. 19. Sweets. I. Sweet Halva. II. Rasgoola. III. Rice Pudding. IV. Samadhi Express. 20. Tea-beverages. I. Karam Chai (for colds). II. Indian Chai. III. Indian Chai with milk. IV. Lassi.
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