You Are Special Too
32 pages, 5 x 9
Release Date:15 Mar 2009

You Are Special Too

A Book for Brothers and Sisters of Children Diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome

By Josie Santomauro; Illustrated by Carla Marino
Jessica Kingsley Publishers
'My brother gets extra help from a special teacher. He has temper tantrums when he is angry and sometimes finds it hard to pay attention. He has even been to a special school to learn how to behave appropriately in class. He might be a little different from others in some ways ... but my brother is NOT STUPID!'This book offers a fun and accessible introduction for the sibling of a child diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome (AS). Intended as a support tool in the initial period after diagnosis, You Are Special Too is varied and engaging, and addresses questions or concerns that the child might have, such as 'What's wrong with my brother?', 'Why has my sister got Asperger', and 'What about me?'. Also included are poems, stories, illustration and activities to help them come to terms with and move forward from a sibling's diagnosis of AS. You Are Special Too will be essential reading for children in the initial period after a sibling's diagnosis of AS.
Josie Santomauro is a full-time writer living in Brisbane, Australia. Her son, Damian, was diagnosed with AS at the age of five. She has written numerous fiction books for children and young adults, and several books on AS. She regularly gives seminars and talks on AS.
What's a Sibling? What's Wrong with My Sibling? Asperger Syndrome? Introducing Asperger Syndrome. Let's Take a Closer Look at Asperger Syndrome. Why Has Your Sibling got Asperger Syndrome? How to Learn More about Asperger Syndrome. ou're Special Too. How Can You Help Your Sibling? What about You? Mixed Feelings. Write an Acrostic Using Your Name.
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