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Field Guide to Forest Insects and Diseases of the Prairie Provinces

The most common and important insects, diseases, and other damaging agents of forest trees in the Canadian prairie provinces are described in terms of their symptoms and signs, distribution, hosts, disease (life) cycle, and damage. These are illustrated with colour photographs for easy identification. The book is divided into three major colour-coded sections: one for insects and diseases of conifers, one for insects and diseases of hardwoods, and one for other damaging agents. A host index listing pest species and disorders by host species and part of host affected, a glossary of technical terms, a general reference section, and a general index listing common and scientific names of hosts and pests as well as other damaging agents are also included.

Canadian Forest Fire Behavior Prediction (FBP) System

user's guide

The Canadian Forest Fire Behavior Prediction (FBP) System provides a systematic method of assessing fire behavior. The FBP System has 14 primary inputs that can be divided into 5 general categories: fuels, weather, topography, foliar moisture content, and type and duration of prediction. In the FBP System these inputs are used to mathematically develop 4 primary and 11 secondary outputs. Primary outputs are generally based on a fire intensity equation, and secondary outputs are calculated using a simple elliptical fire growth model. This publication provides diagrams, examples, and exercises that explain the FBP System in a user-oriented manner. This guide delineates the interpretation of the FBP System's inputs and outputs and details how the predictions are derived.

Field guide to the Canadian Forest Fire Behavior Prediction (FBP) System, Third Edition.

This field guide provides a simplified version of The Canadian Forest Fire Behavior Prediction (FBP) System, presented in tabular format. It was prepared to assist field staff in making first approximations of FBP System outputs when computer-based applications are not available.

Guide de la méthode canadienne de prévision du comportement des incendies de forêt (PCI), 3ème édition

La Méthode canadienne de prévision du comportement des incendies de forêt (PCI) est une méthode systématique permettant d’évaluer le comportement potentiel des feux de forêt. Il a pour objet d’aider le personnel de terrain à établir les premières approximations tirées de la Méthode PCI lorsqu’on ne dispose pas de version informatisée.

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