David Yetman

David Yetman is an assistant research social scientist at the University of Arizona Southwest Center in Tucson. He is the host of the PBS program "The Desert Speaks."
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The Organ Pipe Cactus

The University of Arizona Press

Distinguished by its slender vertical branches, which resemble the tubes of a pipe organ, and growing to the imposing height of 15 to more than 30 feet, it's obvious how the organ pipe cactus got its name. In the United States, these spectacular and intriguing plants are found exclusively in a small area of the Sonoran Desert in the ...

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The Tropical Deciduous Forest of Alamos

Biodiversity of a Threatened Ecosystem in Mexico

The University of Arizona Press
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The Saguaro Cactus

A Natural History

The University of Arizona Press

The saguaro, with its great size and characteristic shape, has become the emblem of the Sonoran Desert of southwestern Arizona and northwestern Mexico. This book offers a complete natural history of this enduring cactus, the largest and tallest in the United States. From its role in Sonoran Desert ecology, to its adaptations to the desert climate, to its sacred place in Indigenous culture, this book offers a definitive source on a distinguished desert plant.

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The Great Cacti

The University of Arizona Press

Towering over deserts, arid scrublands, and dry tropical forests, giant cacti grow throughout the Americas, from the United States to Argentina--often in rough terrain and on barren, parched soils, places inhospitable to people. But as David Yetman shows, many of these tall plants have contributed significantly to human survival.


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