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Hearts and Mines

The US Empire’s Culture Industry

UBC Press

A fascinating look at the symbiotic relationships between the US security state and the US culture industry, and their drive to promote the US Empire as a way of life through the production, packaging, and selling of cultural commodities in world markets.

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So Near Yet So Far

The Public and Hidden Worlds of Canada–US Relations

UBC Press

This book provides an in-depth look at the multiple dimensions of Canada–US relations in the areas of politics, security, trade, and energy, with a particular emphasis on the period since 9/11.

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Modern Warfare

Armed Groups, Private Militaries, Humanitarian Organizations, and the Law

Edited by Benjamin Perrin
UBC Press

A multifaceted exploration of how humanitarian organizations, private militaries, and non-state armed groups are shaking the foundations of international humanitarian law.

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Locating Global Order

American Power and Canadian Security after 9/11

UBC Press

This volume unveils how the security policies of allied powers, such as Canada, are integral to the creation and maintenance of a US-led global order.

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At Home and Abroad

The Canada-US Relationship and Canada’s Place in the World

UBC Press

At Home and Abroad explores the underlying connection between Canada’s special relationship with the United States and Canada’s wider place in the world.

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From Pride to Influence

Towards a New Canadian Foreign Policy

UBC Press

From Pride to Influence brings Canadian foreign policy into the twenty-first century.

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