240 pages, 6 1/4 x 9 1/4
8 b&w figures and tables
Release Date:01 Jun 1997
Release Date:01 Apr 1997

A Stake in the Future

Redefining the Canadian Mineral Industry

UBC Press

A Stake in the Future is a comprehensive study of theWhitehorse Mining Initiative, which was first conceived by the leadersin the Canadian mining industry. The goal was to revitalize the miningindustry, attract new investment and forge an alliance with majorstakeholders such as government, environmental groups, First Nations,the mining industry, and labour. The book examines the political,cultural, and policy issues involved in developing a new consenus-basedapproach to resolving land and resource use disputes with particularfocus on a national multi-stakeholder initiative in the mineralsector.

The authors discuss the changing public policy environment, thegrowing use of alternative dispute resolution, the challenges posed byconsensus-based processes in developing a common vision, and theimplications of such processes for representative democracy.

A Stake in the Future tests the outer boudaries of ... Issues in impressive fashion by detailing a successful consensus-building exercise that was nongovernmentally led and financed ... McAllister and Alexander have identified and explored a cutting-edge case and, in the process, unearthed many questions that challenge prevailing assumptions. Neil Freeman, University of Toronto, Canadian Journal of Political Science, Vol 31, No. 1
A Stake in the Future ... is the first comprehensive study of the Whitehorse Mining Initiative in which leaders in the mining industry worked to build consensus with other stakeholders, governments, environmental groups, First Nations and labour ... This thoughtful review of both the process, the results and early efforts at implementation provides a valuable context for current issues and opportunities.  Constructive Citizen Participation
It is a detailed and insightful account of a process of decision-making that will increasingly characterized Canadian public policy formation ... A Stake in the Future is highly recommended for those interested in public policy formulation, public an interest-group participation, and the evolving character of decision-making in Canada in a environment of increasing pluralization. Richard G. Kuhn, Canadian Book Review Annual 5053
Mary Louise McAllister is associate professor ofEnvironment and Resource Studies at the University of Waterloo,Ontario. Cynthia J. Alexander is assistant professorof Political Science, Acadia University, Nova Scotia.

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1. Surveying the Terrain

2. Assessing the Situation: Challenges to the Mineral Industry

3. Staking a Claim: Broadening the Public Interest

4. Rough Terrain: Rich Resource The Whitehorse Mining Initiative

5. The Whitehorse Mining Accord: The Search for Consensus

6. Implementing the Vision? Provincial and Federal Initiatives

7. Perspectives on the Accord 

 Terra Incognita -- The Future of Resource Policy-Making inCanada




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