Turning Point Elections

General Editors: Gerald Baier and R. Kenneth Carty

Since Confederation, Canadians have gone to the polls over forty times in general elections. Sometimes the ruling party was re-elected, other times the government changed hands, but, more often than not, the country would carry on as if little had happened. However, some elections were different. They stirred up underlying divisions, generated debates, gave rise to influential personalities, and energized and reshaped the electorate – ultimately changing the direction the country would follow. Those elections were “turning points.” The volumes in this series tell the stories of these turning point elections, focusing on the players, the issues at stake, the campaigns, and the often surprising outcomes that would fundamentally reshape Canadian politics and society.

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King and Chaos

The 1935 Canadian General Election

UBC Press

King and Chaos is the first close study of the issues, personalities, and significance of the 1935 federal election, a turning point that fractured the two-party system and permanently changed Canada’s political landscape.

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Revival and Change

The 1957 and 1958 Diefenbaker Elections

UBC Press

Revival and Change is a compelling account of the elections, accomplishments, challenges, failures, and ultimate end of the Diefenbaker era.

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Pivot or Pirouette?

The 1993 Canadian General Election

UBC Press

Pivot or Pirouette? The 1993 Canadian General Election tells the story of the most surprising election in Canadian history.

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