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Established in 1950, the University of Texas Press produces approximately one hundred new books each year and has over 3000 books in print. Their areas of scholarly concentration include American studies, anthropology, archaeology, architecture, art, classics, film and media studies, food studies and cookbooks, history, Jewish studies, Latin American and pre-Columbian studies, Latinx studies, Middle Eastern studies, music, nature and environment, photography, and Texas and the Southwest. In addition, UT Press publishes books of general interest for a wider audience on a variety of subjects, including history, current affairs, the visual arts, music, and food, among others, as well as books on the history, culture, arts, and natural history of Texas.

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Texas Lithographs

A Century of History in Images

A stunning and comprehensive collection of lithographs from 1818 to 1900 Texas.

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Kainua (Marzabotto)

Edited by Elisabetta Govi

Leading scholars examine Etruscan culture and society through recent archaeological findings in Kainua.

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The Foundations of Glen Canyon Dam

Infrastructures of Dispossession on the Colorado Plateau

A history of the construction of the Glen Canyon Dam and social imbalances that resulted from it.

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Sharpening the Legal Mind

How to Think Like a Lawyer

An introduction to what every law student and practitioner needs to know about legal reasoning.

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The Olympics that Never Happened

Denver '76 and the Politics of Growth

A look back at how powerful politicians, business leaders, and a diverse cast of activists used a thwarted Olympics to shape the state of Colorado and the city of Denver.

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Handbook of Latin American Studies, Vol. 76


Edited by Tracy North

The newest volume of the benchmark bibliography of Latin American studies.

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Before Lawrence v. Texas

The Making of a Queer Social Movement

The grassroots queer activism and legal challenges that led to a landmark Supreme Court decision in favor of gay and lesbian equality.

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The Rural State

Making Comunidades, Campesinos, and Conflict in Peru's Central Sierra

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Palestinian Rituals of Identity

The Prophet Moses Festival in Jerusalem, 1850-1948

An innovative approach to modern Palestinian history as viewed through a study of the Prophet Moses festival from the mid-nineteenth to the mid-twentieth century.

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Unseen Art

Making, Vision, and Power in Ancient Mesoamerica

An examination of how ancient Mesoamerican sculpture was experienced by its original audiences.

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The Right Kind of Suffering

Gender, Sexuality, and Arab Asylum Seekers in America

An examination of Arab asylum seekers who feel compelled to package their tales of disenfranchisement and suffering to satisfy a deeply reluctant immigration system.

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