An Asperger's Guide to Entrepreneurship
Release Date:15 Oct 2014

An Asperger's Guide to Entrepreneurship

Setting Up Your Own Business for Professionals with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Jessica Kingsley Publishers

Entrepreneurship can be an ideal career option for enterprising individuals with Asperger Syndrome (Autism Spectrum Disorder) and this detailed guide explains how to tell if being self-employed is right for you and how to go about starting and growing your own business.

Written by a successful entrepreneur and business consultant with Asperger Syndrome, this book provides all the guidance you need on the practicalities of starting up a company. The unique strengths that Asperger leaders can bring to a new business venture are highlighted and solutions are offered for elements of entrepreneurship that can create stumbling blocks such as developing working relationships within your company, marketing yourself and your business, managing finances, networking and maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Full of pragmatic advice, case studies from established business owners with Asperger Syndrome and practical tools for professional development, this is an essential startup handbook for anyone on the spectrum considering making the leap to becoming an entrepreneur.

Not only is a book on Asperger entrepreneurship long-overdue, but Rosalind may have shut down the need for future books on the subject. She has written a thoroughly complete, easy-to-read guide that will satisfy not just the budding entrepreneur who has some idea of what's required, but also the dreamer who has no clue where to start... An Asperger's Guide to Entrepreneurship had me exclaiming 'Finally!' too many times as I read it. It promises real hope, and positive change in the lives of so many of us. – from the foreword by Michael John Carley, founder of GRASP and author of Asperger’s From the Inside-Out
Dr. Rosalind A. Bergemann has worked as a business leader for over 20 years, having held positions in global business strategy, finance and international human resources. She is Chairperson of Asperger Leaders, an organisation supporting people with Asperger Syndrome holding senior positions in business, Non-Executive Director of Dimensions, Non-Executive Director of Brain in Hand and CEO of a global change management consultancy. She is educated to doctorate level in the fields of international business and organisational psychology, as well as leadership studies through Harvard Business School. Dr. Bergemann was named Consultant of the Year at the National Management and Leadership Awards 2013 by the UK Chartered Management Institute. She is the author of An Asperger Leader's Guide to Living and Leading Change, also published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers. She is based in London, UK.
Acknowledgements. Introduction. Part 1: Understanding What it Takes to be an Entrepreneur. 1.Understanding Entrepreneurship and the Entrepreneur. 2. Why Do People Decide to Become Entrepreneurs? Part 2: Moving from a Corporate Job to an Entrepreneurial Career. 3. Strategic Planning and Decision-Making as an Entrepreneur. 4. Differences in Operational Processes in General. Part 3: Practicalities of Starting Up a Business. 5. I've Made the Decision – What Now? 6. Initial Financial Forecasting. 7. Developing a Competitive Advantage. 8. Developing a More Formal Business Plan and Model. 9. The Entrepreneur as Leader. 10. Dealing with Suppliers. 11. Marketing Yourself and Your Business – Your Public Face. 12. Initial Business Development. 13. The Tender and Contracting Process. Part 4: Personal Development for Entrepreneurs on the Autistic Spectrum. 14. Building Internal Relationships. 15. Networking – An On-Going Requirement. 16. Making Your New Business the Focus in Your Life – NOT Your Life in Totality. 17. Developing your Work Area to Optimise your Performance. 18. Taking on Other Shareholders – The Challenge of Sharing Your Business. 19. Learning to Live with Change – The Life of an Entrepreneur. Part 5: Practical Toolkits and Exercises. References. Index.
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