Atlas of a Threatened Planet
224 pages, 8 1/2 x 11
Full color, 150 illustrations
Release Date:10 Sep 2024

Atlas of a Threatened Planet

150 Infographics to Help Anyone Save the World

Island Press
Our planet is a fascinating and complex place, but the challenges we face can seem overwhelming. How does our climate actually work? Should we worry about the global supply of drinking water? How much land do we need to grow food? And can technology help reverse the damage we’ve done? 

In Atlas of a Threatened Planet, award-winning book and graphic designer Esther Gonstalla digs into these questions and many more through her attractive and easy-to-understand infographics. Gonstalla is known for breaking complex topics into digestible and memorable pieces in her popular “Our World in 50 Graphics” book series. In this book, she turns her designer’s eye to the most critical threats to our environment, from shrinking glaciers and declining biodiversity to shifting ocean currents. These accessible and fun illustrations will show readers that, although the threats are grave, not all is lost. Changes in technology, infrastructure, and our outlook can still help us protect the places we love.

Atlas of a Threatened Planet will spark your curiosity and invite you to see the Earth in a new way. It is written for all who want to understand the interlocking pieces of our home—and fight for the best ideas and strategies to save it.
An award-winning book and infographic designer, Esther Gonstalla is author of the “Our World in 50 Graphics” series and has worked for global NGOs such as Bread for the World, Friends of the Earth Germany, More Democracy, and Fair Oceans. In her books and design projects, Gonstalla translates often-complex scientific reports and statistics into modern and accessible illustrations. From mangrove forests to the Alps and the North Pole, her work introduces readers to fascinating ecosystems and their inhabitants, explains why these places are threatened, and shares ideas for saving them.
PART I. The Atmosphere
PART II. The Hydrosphere
PART III. The Biosphere
PART IV. The Anthroposphere
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