Ecology of a Managed Terrestrial Landscape
346 pages, 8 x 10
94 colour illustrations, 16 tables
Release Date:01 Feb 2001
Release Date:15 Mar 2000
Release Date:01 Oct 2007

Ecology of a Managed Terrestrial Landscape

Patterns and Processes of Forest Landscapes in Ontario

UBC Press

The growing popularity of the broad, landscape-scale approach to forest management represents a dramatic shift from the traditional, stand-based focus on timber production. Ecology of a Managed Terrestrial Landscape responds to the increasing need of forest policy developers, planners, and managers for an integrated, comprehensive perspective on ecological landscapes.

The book examines the “big picture” of ecological patterns and processes through a case study of the vast managed forest region in Ontario. The contributors synthesize current landscape ecological knowledge of this area and look at gaps and future research directions from several points of view: spatial patterns, ecological functions and processes, natural disturbances, and ecological responses to disturbance. They also discuss the integration of landscape ecological knowledge into policies of forest management policies, particularly with respect to Ontario's legislative goals of forest sustainability.

Ecology of a Managed Terrestrial Landscape is the first book to describe the landscape ecology of a continuously forested landscape in a comprehensive manner. It is written for instructors and students in forest management, wildlife ecology, and landscape ecology, and for forest managers, planners, and policy developers in North America.

This aptly titled textbook explores and illuminates the ecology of Ontario’s terrestrial landscape through three sections: the structure of ecological systems, the functions and processes and a historical review of the application of that knowledge. This book is a welcome addition of knowledge on ecological processes and the effects of man caused changes across the landscape at different scales. It fills a gap that is currently being researched and understood. This book represents the paradigm shift from traditional forest management to one that attempts to quantify the management of interrelated resources across a landscape. It is a must read for all foresters and resource planners in Ontario and BC [today].

Intended for foresters, forestry students, and policy makers, this book hits its mark in the ecological literature ... it is particularly noteworthy as a detailed case study. The work is very much forward looking, but the history of these landscapes and related policy offers welcome background and context. Written in clear prose, with smooth and logical transitions from one topic to the next and strong, coherent themes, the book makes a good case for forest landscape ecology as a discipline. D.H. Pfister, Choice

Ajith H. Perera is a Research Scientist and leads the Forest Landscape Ecology Group at the Ontario Forest Research Institute. David L. Euler is Dean of Forestry at Lakehead University. Ian D. Thompson is a Research Biologist with the Canadian Forest Service.



Section I: Introduction to Landscape Ecology and Ontario's Managed Forest Region

1 Landscape Ecology in Forest Management: An Introduction / Ajith H. Perera and David L. Euler

2 Physical Geography of Ontario / David J.B. Baldwin, Joseph R. Desloges, and Lawrence E. Band

3 Forest Vegetation of Ontario: Factors Influencing Landscape Change / Ian D. Thompson

4 Forest Vertebrates of Ontario: Patterns of Distribution / Ian D. Thompson

5 Spatial Patterns in the Managed Forest Landscape of Ontario / Ajith H. Perera and David J.B. Baldwin

Section II: Forest Landscape Ecological Processes

6 Influences of Climate on Ontario Forests / Michael D. Flannigan and Michael G. Weber

7 Fire Regimes and Their Simulation with Reference to Ontario / Chao Li

8 Insect and Disease Disturbance Regimes in Ontario's Forests / Richard A. Fleming, Anthony A. Hopkin, and Jean-Noel Candau

9 Forest Ecosystem Productivity in Ontario / Lawrence E. Band

10 Vegetation Responses to the Managed Forest Landscape of Central and Northern Ontario / Terence J. Carleton

11 Forest Vertebrate Responses to Landscape-Level Changes in Ontario / Dennis R. Voigt, James A. Baker, Robert S. Rempel, and Ian D. Thompson

Section III: Policy and Planning for Forest Landscape Management

12 Ontario Forests and Forest Policy before the Era of Sustainable Forestry / A. Ernest Epp

13 A New Foundation for Ontario Forest Policy for the 21st Century / David L. Euler and A. Ernest Epp

14 Strategic Planning at the Landscape Level / George R. Francis

15 Landscape Ecology and Adaptive Management / James A. Baker

16 Reflections on the Managed Forest Landscape / David L. Euler , Ian D. Thompson, and Ajith H. Perera




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