Editing Canadian English, 3rd edition
320 pages, 6 x 9
Release Date:15 May 2015

Editing Canadian English, 3rd edition

A Guide for Editors, Writers, and Everyone Who Works with Words

Edited by Karen Virag; By Editors Canada
Editors' Association of Canada, Editors Canada

Editing Canadian English is a style guide, reference manual, judgment-call coach, and much more. Written by expert editors from across the country, it presents a flexible but systematic approach to creating workable Canadian styles.

This comprehensive update includes valuable information on:

  • Canadianization
  • inclusivity
  • spelling
  • compounds and hyphens
  • capitalization
  • abbreviations
  • punctuation
  • measurements
  • citation
  • the editor’s legal and ethical responsibilities
  • working with French in an English text
  • professional editorial standards

Here is a reference book for everyone who has puzzled over Canadian spelling (“-our” versus “-or”), measurements (metric versus imperial), place names (“the North” versus “the Far North”), French in an English text (“La Francophonie” versus “the Francophonie”), and other thorny issues. It is an indispensable tool for editors, writers, translators, journalists, students, teachers, librarians, copywriters, and marketing and communications professionals — in short, for anyone who uses Canadian English.

RELATED TOPICS: Literature, Reference

Editors Canada offers training and resources to assist editors in realizing their full potential at every stage of their career by supporting professional development through seminars, online training, and conferences; setting the standards for professional editing in Canada and maintaining them through certification and reference publications; acting as a hub for editors to come together as a community to discuss, support, collaborate, and exchange ideas; and partnering with related associations in areas of common concern.

Other English-language publications include Meeting Professional Editorial Standards, So You Want to Be an Editor, and “The Editors’ Weekly” blog.

Find out more at www.editors.ca.

1 Canadianization / Nancy Foran

2 Inclusivity / Debra Huron

3 Spelling / Elizabeth d'Anjou

4 Compounds and Hyphens / Marie Lesoway

5 Capitalization / donalee Moulton

6 Abbreviations / Nancy Holland

7 Punctuation / Heather Ebbs

8 Measurements / Christa Bedwin and Margaret Shaw

9 Citation / Carolyn Brown

10 The Editor’s Legal and Ethical Responsibilities / Mary Rose MacLachlan and Jennifer Marsten

11 Working with French in an English Text / Jaqueline Dinsmore

Appendix: Professional Editorial Standards (2009)


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