Empires and Autonomy
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Release Date:01 Jan 2010
Release Date:10 May 2009
Release Date:01 Jan 2010

Empires and Autonomy

Moments in the History of Globalization

UBC Press

Globalization is one of the most significant developments of ourtime. But what distinguishes the present era from the Age of Empirethat spanned the decades leading up to the First World War? Whichelements of contemporary globalization and forms of autonomy areparticularly novel and which are merely continuations of long-standinghistorical trends?

Empires and Autonomy brings together a distinguished groupof scholars who focus on particular historical moments –incidents, innovations, movements, or rounds of negotiation – toexplore these issues. Global encounters that involved the establishmentor protection of autonomy in specific places inevitably involvedfriction, and the contributors examine the dialectic betweenglobalization and autonomy as it played out st historical juncturesthat range from the Chinese occupation of Tibet in 1720 to the meetingbetween Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev in 1986 that led to the endof the Cold War. These tightly focused, interdisciplinary essays showthat globalization has been anything but systematic or complete.

By examining these uniquely telling moments in the history ofglobalization and autonomy, this innovative collection provides novelinsights into changes that are overtaking the contemporary world. Itwill be of interest to students and practitioners of globalizationstudies and international relations and political economy.

Stephen M. Streeter is an associate professor inthe Department of History, McMaster University. John C.Weaver is Distinguished University Professor in the Departmentof History, McMaster University. William D. Coleman isCIGI Chair in Globalization and Public Policy at the Balsillie Schoolof International Affairs and professor in the Department of PoliticalScience at the University of Waterloo.

Contributors: Virginia H. Aksan, Timothy Brook,Ravi de Costa, Yassine Essid, Daniel Gorman, Ulf Hedetoft, Adrian L.Jones, Ronald W. Pruessen, Samir Saul, Jeremy Stolow, and NeilWhite


1 Introduction / Stephen M. Streeter, John C. Weaver, andWilliam D. Coleman
2 Tibet and the Chinese World-Empire / Timothy Brook
3 Litigating for Freedom in the British Empire, 1815-22: The Universaland Local in Tension / John C. Weaver
4 Ottoman Military and Social Transformations, 1826-28: Engagement andResistance in a Moment of Global Imperialism / VirginiaAksani
5 Wired Religion: Spiritualism and Telegraphic Globalization in theNineteenth Century / Jeremy Stolow
6 The Internationalization of Capital Then and Now: The Late Nineteenthand Twentieth Centuries / Samir Saul
7 Global Industrial Enclaves: Company Towns and Export-Processing ZonesCompared, 1900-2000  / Neil White
8 Freedom of the Ether or the Electromagnetic Commons? Globality,the Public Interest, and Multilateral Radio Negotiations in the 1920s /Daniel Gorman
9 A Globalization Moment: Franklin D. Roosevelt in Casablanca (January1943) and the Decolonization/Development Impulse / Ronald W.Pruessen
10  Paradigm Shift and the Nuremberg Trials: The Emergence of theIndividual as a Subject and Object of International Law / Adrian L.Jones
11 The US-Led Globalization Project in the Third World: The Strugglefor Hearts and Minds in Guatemala and Vietnam in the 1960s /Stephen M. Streeter
12 A Globalizing Moment: The United Nations' Decades forDevelopment and the North African Countries / Yassine Essid
13 Snakes That Are Rainbows: Indigenous Worldviews and theConstitution of Autonomy / Ravi De Costa
14 Globalization and US Empire: Moments in the Forging of the GlobalTurn / Ulf Hedetoft

Works Cited

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