How to Give Clients the Skills to Stop Panic Attacks
Release Date:01 Jun 2012
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How to Give Clients the Skills to Stop Panic Attacks

Don't Forget to Breathe

Jessica Kingsley Publishers

How to Give Clients the Skills to Stop Panic Attacks shows how it is possible to prevent and abort a panic attack through lifestyle change and mind-body relaxation. Presenting an effective approach rooted in the philosophy of functional medicine, this book proposes using calming breathing techniques as the foundation to controlling the anxiety that causes panic. Breathing is then combined with positive imagery, rational thinking, body awareness, nutrition and yoga to provide further support for sparking the real, positive change in clients that will guide them along the road to recovery.

The practical tools, step-by-step exercises and motivational scripts within this book will provide an incomparable resource for mental health professionals, psychologists, counselors, and coaches.

“Sandra Scheinbaum's book, 'How to Give Clients the Skills to Stop Panic Attacks: Don't Forget to Breathe' is a masterfully crafted guide to help those suffering from panic disorders. This splendid book integrates natural self-healing techniques that are safe and effective. You will find a new doorway to relaxation and self-control naturally!” – Gerard E. Mullin, Associate Professor of Medicine, The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Baltimore
The best person to write a book about panic attacks is someone who has overcome panic and anxiety in themselves and is now a health psychologist working with clients going through the same condition. That's what you have here in your hand. Sandra takes an integrative approach, blending together a gentle medical analysis of the condition with practical approaches for working with clients using both body and mind techniques. Presented with empathy, written from the heart and a must have for any wellness professional's bookshelf. – Laurel Alexander, complementary therapist, wellness coach and author of How to Incorporate Wellness Coaching into Your Therapeutic Practice, Sussex, UK.
“This book is a must-have for any health professional working with patients who suffer from panic. Sandra Scheinbaum deals sensitively and authoritatively with the subject, presenting an effective, tried-and-tested functional approach that encourages the wellness of the body and the mind through positive thinking, diet and exercise. It is a comprehensive resource that will help practitioners support their clients and incite genuine, sustainable transformation. I highly recommend this book!” – Dr Mark Hyman, founder and medical director of The UltraWellness Center, chairman of the Institute for Functional Medicine and author of the #1 New York Times bestseller, The Blood Sugar Solution
Dr Sandra Scheinbaum is a licensed clinical psychologist, board-certified senior fellow in biofeedback, certified yoga instructor, nutrition coach, and the Director of Feed Your Mind Wellness Programs. She has a doctorate in clinical psychology from Fielding Graduate University. A former panic sufferer, she has practiced mind-body medicine for over 30 years, successfully teaching hundreds of clients to overcome panic. She lives in Illinois.
Introduction. 1. Could This Be Panic? 2. What's Real in the Mind is Real in the Body: How Understanding Panic Leads to Stopping It. 3. Don't Forget to Breathe: Building the Foundation of Relaxation. 4. Imagine Something Good: Finding Positive Connections. 5. Say Something Rational: Thinking Like a Scientist. 6. Unclench, Straighten Up and Move Around. 7. Distract Yourself: Getting Lost in the Moment. 8. Step Onto Your Mat: Practicing Yoga 24/7. 9. Nourish Yourself: Eating Real Foods, Adding the Right Supplements, and Removing Toxins. 10. Can Panic Go Away Without Medication? Acknowledgements. Resources. Appendix. Bibliography.
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