Life in Stone
318 pages, 6 1/4 x 9 1/4
Release Date:06 Dec 1996
Release Date:06 Dec 1996
Release Date:06 Dec 1996

Life in Stone

A Natural History of British Columbia's Fossils

Edited by Rolf Ludvigsen
UBC Press
Life in Stone is the first book to focus on British Columbia's fossils. Each of its chapters is written by a specialist for a general audience, and each is devoted to a separate fossil group that is particularly well represented in the province. Richly illustrated with photographs and drawings, Life in Stone will provide fascinating reading for anyone interested in learning more about the animals and plants that inhabited British Columbia during prehistoric times.
For the beginner, this fascinating book will challenge and reward in equal measure. For the professional, it will provide a valuable introduction to the literature and to British Columbia’s ancient history. John E. Storer, Canadian Book Review Annual, 1996
A very important contribution to the field of public education in science ... Very readable. Brian Chatterton, University of Alberta
A most remarkable book ... Each chapter clearly fits as part of the whole yet each one is a unique adventure into a fascinating part of the ancient world ... The book leaves me, as I'm sure it will leave others, with a sense of wonder about B.C.'s ancient life and how it fits into the world scheme of paleontology. Richard Hebda, Royal British Columbia Museum
Rolf Ludvigsen lives on Denman Island, British Columbia, where he runs the Denman Institute for Research on Trilobites. He is an adjunct professor in the School of Earth and Ocean Sciences at the University of Victoria and the Chair of the British Columbia Paleontological Alliance.

1 Introduction: Deep Time in the Cordillera / Rolf Ludvigsen

2 Fossils and Museums: Windows into Ancient Worlds / Richard J. Hebda and David A.E. Spalding

3 The Origin and Evolution of Canada's Western Mountains / James W.H. Monger

4 Lower Cambrian Trilobites: Most Ancient Mariners / Rolf Ludvigsen and Lisa L. Bohach

5 The Trilobite Beds of Mount Stephen, Yoho National Park / David M. Rudkin

6 The Burgess Shale: A Spectacular Cambrian Bestiary / Desmond H. Collins

7 The Microscopic World of Conodonts / Michael J. Orchard

8 Mesozoic Radiolarians of Haida Gwaii / Elizabeth S. Carter

9 Fishes of the Triassic: Trawling off Pangaea / Andrew G. Neuman

10 Ammonoids and Bivalves: Triassic Life at Sea / E. Tim Tozer

11 Ammonoids: Itinerants of the Jurassic / Giselle K. Jakobs

12 On the Trail of Cretaceous Dinosaurs / Scott D. Sampson and Philip J. Currie

13 Ancient Saurians: Cretaceous Reptiles of Vancouver Island / Rolf Ludvigsen

14 Mollusks: Exotic Shells from Cretaceous Seas / James W. Haggart

15 Plant Life during the Great Cretaceous Transformation / James F. Basinger and Elisabeth McIver

16 Paleogene Mammals on Land and at Sea / Lee McKenzie McAnally

17 Fishes from Eocene Lakes of the Interior / Mark V.H. Wilson

18 Insects near Eocene Lakes of the Interior / Mark V.H. Wilson

19 Flowering Plants in and around Eocene Lakes of the Interior / Ruth A. Stockey and Wesley C. Wehr

20 Eocene Conifers of the Interior / James F. Basinger, Elisabeth McIver and Wesley C. Wehr

21 Quaternary Animals: Vertebrates of the Ice Age / C. Richard Harington

22 Late Pleistocene Salmon of Kamloops Lake / Catherine C. Carlson and Kenneth Klein

23 Quaternary Plants: Glimpses of Past Climates and Landscapes / Richard J. Hebda

24 Epilogue: The Cordillera through the Mists of Time / Christopher R. Barnes

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