112 pages, 8 x 10
112 illustrations, 27 in colour
Release Date:01 Jan 1995

Masters of the Ocean Realm

Whales, Dolphins, and Porpoises

UBC Press

In the wide sea, whales, dolphins and porpoises are our closerelatives, leading lives much more complex than previously suspected.They live in all the world's oceans, many seas, and even somerivers. As a group, they include the largest animal known to haveexisted on the planet, one of the most powerful hunters of moderntimes, and some of the most intelligent animals in the world.

Masters of the Ocean Realm provides a colourful, accessibleintroduction to how scientists study cetaceans and what they havelearned. The book shows the interaction of whales, dolphins, porpoises,and human cultures around the world and discusses such conservationissues as tuna fishing, whaling, habitat degradation, pollution, andthe threat of extinction. Numerous colour illustrations make the bookappealing to a wide audience. Informative sidebars address topics suchas whale intelligence, the mystery of mass strandings, and thetuna-dolphin controversy.

RELATED TOPICS: Natural History, Nature
John Heyning is Associate Curator of Mammals at theNatural History Museum of Los Angeles Country and Adjunct AssistantProfessor of Biology at the University of California, Los Angeles.


1. The Basic Whale and Dolphin

2. Evolution

Miocene Diversity

Modern Diversity

3. Life Below the Surface




Behavior and Social Systems

4. The Challenges of Research

Tagging and Photo-identification Strandings

How Many Species?

How Many Whales?

5. Conservation

Modern Whaling

Accidental Deaths in Fishing Gear

Pollution and Habitat Destruction

The Role of Research

6. Whales and People

Greek and Minoan Civilizations

The Tlingit

Nineteenth-century New England

The Eskimo





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