Medicine of the Person
240 pages, 6 x 9
Release Date:15 Sep 2006

Medicine of the Person

Faith, Science and Values in Health Care Provision

Jessica Kingsley Publishers
Medicine of the Person is an international, multi-faith exploration of the demonstrable need to integrate the scientific basis of healthcare more fully with spiritual, religious and ethical values.Informed by the principle of 'medicine of the person', the contributors argue for a medical practice which takes account of personal relationships, spirituality, ethics and theology in keeping with the ideas and beliefs of Paul Tournier, an influential Swiss general practitioner whose thinking has had a substantial impact on routine patient care relevant to national health services. Bridging the gap between the basic sciences and faith traditions, the contributors discuss notions of personhood in different faiths and its consideration in spirituality and mental health issues, general practice issues, public health, home care for the elderly and neuroscience.This volume offers a broad spectrum of approaches to the needs of patients and is a key text for students of the health disciplines, and practitioners and managers in these fields.
'This book highlights the renewed recognition of the value of spiritual dimensions of health with the growth of ethics. I feel the book is very timely and is likely to inspire further work with examples of good practice, particularly when medicine is being swamped with administration, technocracy, politics and management.'- British Journal of Psychiatry'The timing of the book Medicine of the Person: Faith, Science and Values in Health Care Provision is perfect. Health care professionals are beginning to look at the importance of the therapeutic relationship and the role of values in healing, and books are appearing that expand the notion of health care. In Medicine of the Person, the contributors lay out a cogent critique of a mechanistic health care system, one that uses robots and computerized diagnoses and treatments but leaves out the human dimension and mysteries of healing. What editors Cox, Campbell and Fulford offer instead is a clear statement of values. Not only are these values humane, but they are also written in a language that it elegant, European, and philosophical. What a pleasure to revel in these ideas and intelligent writing, after professional writing that uses Power Point, bullet points and talking points, and is written for a hyperactive attention span.'- PsycCritiques'This book is timely in the current context of our increasingly multi-faith society and the revived interest in the spiritual aspects of health, and health care. It seeks to encourage the reader to challenge the conventional medical approach, which is to treat the condition, rather than exploring how the culture or background of the individual might impact on the condition and subsequent treatment. This is a good introductory text to the topic and its relevance to health practice today. The authors suggest that "medicine of the person" could make an essential contribution to the current demand in the health services for patient-centred care.'- Mental Health
John Cox is Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry at the University of Keele and a consultant adult psychiatrist. He is Secretary General of the World Psychiatric Association and has published widely in the field of Perinatal Mental Health from a sociocultural perspective. He was elected President of the Royal College of Psychiatrists in 1999. Alastair V. Campbell is Chen Su Lan Centennial Professor of Medical Ethics in the Medical Faculty of the National University of Singapore. He is a former President of the International Association of Bioethics and is a member of the Medical Ethics Committee of the British Medical Association. He has published extensively in both medical ethics and pastoral theology. Bill Fulford is Professor of Philosophy and Mental Health at the University of Warwick, and Honorary Consultant Psychiatrist at the University of Oxford. He is the founder and editor of the first international journal for philosophy and mental health, PPP: Philosophy, Psychiatry and Psychology. He has published widely on philosophical and ethical aspects of mental health.
Foreword. Julia Neuberger, House of Lords, London. Acknowledgements. Preface. John Cox, World Psychiatric Association, Geneva. 1. Introduction: At the Heart of Healing. Bill K.W.M. Fulford, University of Warwick, Alastair V. Campbell, University of Singapore and John Cox, University of Keele. PART 1 - Medicine of the Person: Paul Tournier's Vision. 2. The Man and His Message. Hans-Rudolf Pfeifer, Paul Tournier Association, Switzerland, and John Cox, University of Keele. 3. Retaining the Person in Medical Science. Bernard Ruedi, Universities of Lausanne and Neuchatel. 4. The Bible and Medical Practice. John Clark, Paul Tournier Research Project at Exeter University. 5. The Value of Values - Do They Go Deep Enough? Martin Conway, Formerly of Selly Oak Colleges, Birmingham. PART 2 - Faith Traditions and Medicine of the Person. 6. The Christian Tradition of Spiritual Direction as a Sketch for a Strong Theology of Diversity. Robert Atwell, St Mary's, Primrose Hill and Bill (K. W. M.) Fulford, Universities of Oxford and Warwick. 7. Personhood in Health Care: Jewish Approaches. Claire Hilton, Central and North West London Mental Health NHS Trust and Michael Hilton, Kol Chai Hatch End Jewish Community, London. 8. The Individual Versus the Family: An Islamic and Traditional Societies Perspective. Ahmed Okasha, Ain Shams University, Cairo. 9. Hindu and Ayurvedic Understandings of the Person. Dinesh Bhugra, Institute of Psychiatry, London. PART 3 - Medicine of the Person in Contemporary Practice. 10. Spirituality and Mental Health: Practical Proposals for Action. Peter Gilbert, National Institute for Mental Health in England and Staffordshire University. 11. Beyond the Solitude for Two; Justice, Theology and General Practice. Thierry Collaud, University of Fribourg, Switzerland. 12. Spirituality and Care: A Public Health Perspective. Tom Fryers, University of Leicester. 13. Re-Emergence of Home Health Care: A Holistic Response to Aging and Consumer Empowerment. Mike Magee, Medical Humanities Initiative, New York. 14. Neuroscience and Belief: A Christian Perspective. Andrew Sims, University of Leeds. Bibliography. Hans-Rudolf Pfeifer. List of Contributors. Subject Index. Author Index.
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