238 pages, 6 x 9
Release Date:15 Sep 2021


Autoethnography for/as Writing Studies

Utah State University Press
Literally translated as “self-culture-writing,” autoethnography—as both process and product—holds great promise for scholars and researchers in writings studies who endeavor to describe, understand, analyze, and critique the ways in which selves, cultures, writing, and representation intersect. Self+Culture+Writing foregrounds the possibility of autoethnography as a viable methodological approach and provides researchers and instructors with ways of understanding, crafting, and teaching autoethnography within writing studies.
Interest in autoethnography is growing among writing studies scholars, who see clear connections to well-known disciplinary conversations about personal narrative, as well as to the narrative turn in general and social justice efforts in particular. Contributions by authors from diverse backgrounds and institutional settings are organized into three parts: a section of writing studies autoethnographies, a section on how to teach autoethnography, and a section on how ideas about autoethnography in writing studies are evolving.
Self+Culture+Writing discusses the use of autoethnography in the writing classroom as both a research method and a legitimate way of knowing, providing examples of the genre and theoretical discussions that highlight the usefulness and limitations of these methods.
Contributors: Leslie Akst, Melissa Atienza, Ross Atkinson, Alison Cardinal, Sue Doe, Will Duffy, John Gagnon, Elena Garcia, Guadalupe Garcia, Caleb Gonzalez, Lilly Halboth, Rebecca Hallman Martini, Kirsten Higgins, Shereen Inayatulla, Aliyah Jones, Autumn Laws, Soyeon Lee, Louis M. Maraj, Kira Marshall-McKelvey, Jennifer Owen, Tiffany Rainey, Marcie Sims, Amanda Sladek, Trixie Smith, Anthony Warnke
Rebecca Jackson is professor of rhetoric and composition and former director (2006-2020) of the MA major in rhetoric and composition at Texas State University. She is coauthor of The Working Lives of New Writing Center Directors, winner of the 2017 IWCA Outstanding Book award.
Jackie Grutsch McKinney is the director of the Writing Center and professor of rhetoric and composition at Ball State University. She is author or coauthor of three books: Peripheral Visions for WritingCenters, Strategies for Writing Center Research, and The Working Lives of New Writing Center Directors, each of which has won an IWCA Outstanding Book Award.
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