704 pages, 7 x 10
Release Date:26 Jan 2005

The Canadian Yearbook of International Law, Vol. 41, 2003

Edited by D.M. McRae
UBC Press

The Canadian Yearbook of International Law is issued annually under the auspices of the Canadian Branch of the International Law Association (Canadian Society of International Law) and the Canadian Council on International Law.

The Yearbook contains articles of lasting significance in the field of international legal studies, a notes and comments section, a digest of international economic law, a section on current Canadian practice in international law, a digest of important Canadian cases in the fields of public international law, private international law, and conflict of laws, a list of recent Canadian treaties, and book reviews.

RELATED TOPICS: International Law, Law, Reference
D.M. McRae (editor-in-chief) is a member of the Faculty of Law at the University of Ottawa.


R. St. J. Macdonald -- International Law at the University of British Columbia, 1945-2000

Pacifique Manirakiza -- Les juridictions traditionnelles et la justice pénale internationale

Kyung Kwak and Gabrielle Marceau -- Overlaps and Conflicts of Jurisdiction between the World Trade Organization and Regional Trade Agreements

Nathalie Chalifour -- Environmental Taxes and the WTO -- An Analysis of the WTO Implications of Using Fiscal Incentives to Promote Sustainable Forestry in Canada

A.J. Hobbins and Ann H. Steward -- Bringing Individual Human Rights Issues to the United Nations: John Humphrey and the Quest for Compensation

Stéphane Beaulac -- National Application of International Law: The Statutory Interpretation Perspective

Notes and Comments

Michael Barutciski -- Les transferts de populations quatre-vingts ans après la Convention de Lausanne

Emily Carasco -- Canada-United States “Safe Third Country” Agreement: To What Purpose? Francois Larocque -- Bouzari v. Iran: Testing the Limits of State Immunity in Canadian Courts

Chares-Emmanuel Côté -- L’invocabilité des traités de libre-échange en droit interne: nouveau regard sur l’arrêt Project Blue Sky v. Australian Broadcasting Authority de la Haute Cour d’Australie

Chronique de Droit international économique en 2002 / Digest of International Economic Law in 2002

Commerce, préparé par Richard Ouellet Le

Canada et le système financier international en 2002, préparé par Bernard Colas

Investissement, préparé par Céline Lévesque

Canadian Practice in International Law / Pratique canadienne en matière de droit international

At the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade in 2002-3 / Au ministère des Affaires étrangères en 2002-3, compiled by / préparé par Colleen Swords

Parliamentary Declarations in 2002-3 / Déclarations parlementaires en 2002-3, compiled by / préparé par Aliaksandra Logvin

Treaty Action Taken by Canada in 2002 / Mesures prises par le Canada en matière de traités en 2002, compiled by / préparé par André Bergeron


Cases / Jurisprudence

Canadian Cases in Public International Law in 2002-3 / Jurisprudence canadienne en matière de droit international public en 2002-3, compiled by / préparé par Karin Mickelson

Canadian Cases in Private International Law in 2002-3 / Jurisprudence canadienne en matière de droit international privé en 2002-3, compiled by / préparé par Joost Blom


Book Reviews / Recensions de livres

Analytical Index / Index analytique

Index of Cases / Index de la jurisprudence

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