Unsettled Legitimacy
408 pages, 6 x 9
Release Date:01 Jul 2010
Release Date:01 Oct 2009
Release Date:01 Jul 2010

Unsettled Legitimacy

Political Community, Power, and Authority in a Global Era

UBC Press

Globalization has challenged taken-for-granted relationships of rule in local, regional, national, and international settings. This unsettling of legitimacy raises questions. Under what conditions do individuals and communities accept globalized decision making as legitimate? And what political practices do individuals and collectivities under globalization use to exercise autonomy?

To answer these questions, the contributors to Unsettled Legitimacy explore the disruptions and reconfigurations of political authority that accompany globalization. They offer theoretical analyses and detailed empirical case studies on the following: the normative foundations of legitimacy and autonomy; the accommodation of difference and autonomy; communal violence; humanitarian intervention; governance across borders and through international institutions; and legitimacy and autonomy on global and regional scales. They also show that globalization has created demands for regulation, security, and the protection of rights and expressions of individual and collective autonomy within and across multiple political and geographic spaces.

Instead of offering simplistic arguments for or against global governance, enhanced democracy, or economic integration, the essays in this sophisticated, interdisciplinary collection examine the complexities of autonomy, legitimation, and authority in a globalizing world.

Steven Bernstein is an associate professor of political science and associate director of the Centre for International Studies, University of Toronto. William D. Coleman is CIGI Chair in Globalization and Public Policy at the Balsillie School of International Affairs and professor in the Department of Political Science at the University of Waterloo.

Contributors: Ian Cooper, Harvey A. Feit, Tara C. Goetze, Heike Härting, Rhoda E. Howard-Hassmann, Michael Keating, John McGarry, Margaret Moore, Peter Nyers, Sylvia Ostry, Leslie A. Pal, Nisha Shah, Jackie Smith, Julie Sunday, and Melissa S. Williams


1  Introduction: Autonomy, Legitimacy, and Power in an Era of Globalization / Steven Bernstein and William D. Coleman

Part 1: Normative Foundations of Legitimacy and Autonomy
2 Citizenship as Agency within Communities of Shared Fate / Melissa S. Williams
3 Autonomy, Democracy, and Legitimacy: The Problem of Normative Foundations / Ian Cooper
4 Cosmopolis or Empire? Metaphors of Globalization and the Description of Legitimate Political Communities / Nisha Shah

Part 2: LegitimacyAccommodating Difference and Autonomy
5 Governmental Rationalities and the Nation-State: James Bay Cree Indigenous Co-Governance, from Mercantilist Partnerships to Neoliberal Mechanisms / Harvey A. Feit
6 Protecting Our Resources: (Re)negotiating the Balance of Governance and Local Autonomy in Cooperative Natural Resource Management in Belize / Tara C. Goetze
7 Globalization, European Integration, and the Nationalities Question / Michael Keating, John McGarry, and Margaret Moore
8 Challenging Legitimacy or Legitimate Challenges? Minority Encounters with a State in Transition / Julie Sunday

Part 3: Legitimacy, Autonomy, and Violence
9 Sovereignty Redux? Autonomy and Protection in Military Interventions / Peter Nyers
10 From Ethnic Civil War to Global War: (De)legitimizing Narratives of Global Warfare and the Longing for Civility in Sri Lankan Fiction / Heike Härting

Part 4: Legitimacy and Autonomy on Global and Regional Scales
11 An Airborne Disease: Globalization through African Eyes / Rhoda E. Howard-Hassmann
12 The World Trade Organization: System under Stress / Sylvia Ostry
13 Governing the Electronic Commons: Globalization, Legitimacy, Autonomy, and the Internet / Leslie A. Pal
14 Contested Globalizations: Social Movements and the Struggle for Global Democracy / Jackie Smith
15 Conclusion / Steven Bernstein

Notes and Acknowledgments
Works Cited

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