Emerging Technologies
384 pages, 6 x 9
5 charts and 11 tables.
Release Date:01 Jul 2009
Release Date:20 Dec 2008
Release Date:01 Jul 2009

Emerging Technologies

From Hindsight to Foresight

Edited by Edna Einsiedel
UBC Press

New technologies emerge all the time. Some technologies, however,are transformative: they introduce new forms of control, both throughformal systems of regulation and by informally shaping our behaviour.They have profound impacts and are often disruptive; they affect theway we work and play; they influence our mobility and lifestyle. Theyoffer hope and possibility while introducing new fears and unintendedconsequences.

How should we think about these radical technologies? Too often oursocial reactions to new technologies occur only in hindsight, after atechnology has penetrated the marketplace. However, recent experienceteaches that much may be gained by practising forethought andforesight. Emerging Technologies addresses the ethical, legal, andsocial dimensions of emerging technologies and assesses their socialand policy implications. Contributors examine the development, impact,and governance of new technologies emerging from a variety of fields,including biotechnology, genetics, stem cell research, pharmacology,and nanotechnology.

Edna F. Einsiedel is a professor of CommunicationStudies at the University of Calgary.

Contributors: Benjamin R. Bates, Tania Bubela,Michael Burgess, Timothy Caulfield, Edna F. Einsiedel, Rose Geransar,William Hallman, Susanna Hornig Priest, Holly Longstaff, Ed Levy, EmilyMarden, Chika B. Onwuekwe, Vural Ozdemir, Peter W.B. Phillips, LorraineSheremeta, Patrick A. Stewart, Stuart Smyth, James Tansey, Paul B.Thompson, Jacopo Torriti, Michele Veeman, and Bryn Williams-Jones

Introduction: Making Sense of Emerging Technologies / EdnaF. Einsiedel

Part 1: Hindsight Learnings

1  GM Foods in Hindsight / WilliamHallman

2  Patentable Subject Matter: Who Owns What Knowledge?/ Chika B. Onwuekwe

3  Patents in the Public Sphere: Public Perceptions andBiotechnology Patents / Edna F. Einsiedel

Part 2: Foresight Applications

(Transgenic) Animal Farm

4  Of Biotechnology and Blind Chickens / Paul B.Thompson

5  Transgenic Salmon: Regulatory Oversight of an AnticipatedTechnology / Emily Marden, Holly Longstaff, and EdLevy

Fields of Pharmas: Plant Molecular Farming

6  The Emerging Technology of Plant Molecular Farming/ Michele Veeman

7  Policy and Regulatory Challenges for Plant-MadePharmaceuticals in the United States / Patrick A.Stewart

8  Forestalling Liabilities? Stakeholder Participation andRegulatory Development / Stuart Smyth

In the Stem Cell Fields

9  When Human Dignity Is Not Enough: Embryonic Stem CellResearch and Human Cloning in Canada / Tania Bubela andTimothy Caulfield

Drugs -- Up Close and Personal: EngagingPharmacogenomics

10  Banking on Trust: Issues of Informed Consent inPharmacogenetic Research / Rose Geransar

11  Pharmacogenomic Promises: Reflections on Semantics,Genohype, and Global Justice / Bryn Williams-Jones and VuralOzdemir

12  Envisioning Race and Medicine: BiDil and the InsufficientMatch between Social Groups and Genotypes / Benjamin R.Bates

Is Small Really Beautiful? Does Size Matter?Nanotechnologies

13  Nanotechnology and Human Imagination / SusannaHornig Priest

14  Nanotechnology: The Policy Challenges / LorraineSheremeta

Part 3: Governance Challenges and EmergingTechnologies

15  Technology, Democracy, and Ethics: Democratic Deficit andthe Ethics of Public Engagement / Michael Burgess and JamesTansey

16  Impact Assessments and Emerging Technologies: FromPrecaution to "Smart Regulation"? / JacopoTorriti

17  Technology Ownership and Governance: An Alternative View ofIPRs / Peter W.B. Phillips

18  Conclusion: Reflections on Emerging Technologies/ Edna F. Einsiedel


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