Health in Rural Canada
568 pages, 6 x 9
16 graphs, 3 photographs, 4 maps, 34 tables
Release Date:24 Feb 2012
Release Date:06 Dec 2011
Release Date:06 Dec 2011

Health in Rural Canada

UBC Press

Health research in Canada has mostly focused on urban areas, often overlooking the unique issues faced by Canadians living in rural and remote areas. This volume provides the first comprehensive overview of the state of rural health and health care in Canada, from coast to coast and in northern communities.

The contributors bring insights and methodologies from nursing, social work, geography, epidemiology, and sociology and from community-based research to a full spectrum of topics: health literacy, rural health-care delivery and training, Aboriginal health, web-based services and their application, rural palliative care, and rural health research and policy. Combined with a general overview of how rural services are structured and funded within the Canadian health care system, these diverse explorations of health and place highlight three key themes: rural places matter to health, rural places are unique, and rural places are dynamic.

Wide-ranging and multifaceted, Health in Rural Canada offers researchers and policy-makers, students and practitioners a valuable resource for understanding the special, ever-changing needs of rural communities.

The book is a valuable resource for students, researchers, practitioners, and policy-makers interested in how health services are delivered in Canada’s rural communities.

Health in Rural Canada makes a significant contribution to our understanding of the pressing issues and substantive challenges in rural health needs, practices, and policies. Illuminating rural health care and rural diversity, this book offers breadth and interdisciplinary perspectives that will benefit both policymakers and scholars in the field and serve as a useful classroom resource for students. Denise Cloutier-Fisher, Associate Professor, Department of Geography and the Centre on Aging, University of Victoria

Judith C. Kulig is a registered nurse and professor within the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Lethbridge. Allison M. Williams is a health geographer and a faculty member in the School of Geography and Earth Sciences at McMaster University.

Foreword / M. Watanabe


1 Health and Place in Rural Canada / A.M. Williams and J.C. Kulig

Part 1: Rural Health Status

2 Rural Health Status and Determinants in Canada / M. DesMeules, R.W. Pong, J. Read Guernsey, F. Wang, W. Luo, and M.P. Dressler

3 Children, Youth and Young Adults and the Gap in Health Status Between Urban and Rural Canadians / A. Ostry

4 Health Services Utilization in Rural Canada: Are there Distinct Rural Patterns? / R.W. Pong, M. DesMeules, J. Read Guernsey, D. Manuel, A. Kazanjian, and F. Wang

Part 2: Rural Health Human Resources

5 Geographical Distribution of Rural Health Human Resources / J. Roger Pitblado

6 Rural Health Training Institute / P. Goodman

7 Building Capacity in Rural Health Services: The Effect of Continuing Education / S. Habjan, K. Kortes-Miller, M.L. Kelley, H. Sullivan, and L. Pisco

8 The Rural-Urban Continuum as Place: What Can Be Learned from the Canadian Community Health Survey (CCHS) -- Mental Health and Well-being (2002)? / C. Nelson and J. Park

Part 3: Rural Health Services Delivery

9 Transcending Boundaries: Collaborating to improve Northern Access to Health Services in Manitoba and Saskatchewan / A. Moss, F.Racher, B. Jeffery, C. Hamilton, M. Burles, and R.C. Annis

10 Virtual Healthcare Communities: The Use of Web-based and Mobile Intelligent Technologies for Risk Assessment and Health Management in Rural and Remote Communities / A. Barranco-Mendoza and D. Persaud

11 Service Delivery Change in Three Prairie Communities / D. Ramsey and K. Beesley

Part 4: Rural Health Policy and Research

12 Integrating Policy, Research, and Community Development: A Case Study of Developing Rural Palliative Care / M.L. Kelley, W. Sletmoen, A. M. Williams, S. Nadin and T. Puiras

13 Rural Mental Health Services in Canada: A Model for Research and Practice / C. Brannen, K. Dyck, C. Hardy and C. Mushquash

14 Health Literacy in Rural Communities: Challenges and Champions / D. Gillis and S. Sears

15 Ethical Potholes Along the Roads of Rural Research: Three Potential Concerns when Embarking on Research Involving Rural Populations / S. Wilson-Forsberg, and J. Easley

Part 5: Rural Health Issues

16 “Beyond Tired of Driving that Far”: HIV/AIDS Information Exchange in Rural Canada / R. Harris, T. Veinot, L. Bella, and J. Krajnak

17 Shifting the Burden: The Effects of Home-Based Palliative Care on Family Caregivers in Rural Areas / R. Donovan and A. Williams

18 Pain and Palliative Care with Seniors in Canada’s Northern Territories / N. Novik and M. MacLean

19 Reflections on the Socioeconomic and Psychosocial Impacts of BSE on Rural and Farm Families in Canada / V. Pletsch, C. Amaratunga, W. Corneil, S. Crowe, and D. Krewski

Part 6: First Nations in Rural Settings

20 Decolonizing First Nations Health / K. Jacklin and W. Warry

21 Access to Primary Health Care in Rural and Remote Aboriginal Communities: Progress, Challenges and Policy Directions / J. Lavoie and L. Gervais

22 Bridging the Gap: Accessing Health Care in Remote Métis Communities / B. Krieg

Part 7: Aging in Rural Contexts

23 Diversity among Older Adults in Rural Canada: Health in Context / N. Keating and J. Eales

24 Looming Dementia Care Crisis: Are Canadian Rural and Remote Settings Ready? / D. Forbes and P. Hawranik

25 Health and Social Care Issues in Ageing Resource Communities / M. Skinner, N. Hanlon, and G. Halseth

26 Rural Women’s Health Promotion Needs and Resources: A Photovoice Perspective / B. Leipert, T. Landry, C. McWilliam, M.L. Kelley, D. Forbes, P. Wakewich, and J. George

27 The Future of Rural Health Research: Concluding Thoughts / J.C. Kulig and A.M. Williams


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