344 pages, 7 x 10
33 photographs, 32 figures, 9 tables, and 7 boxes
Release Date:08 Jul 2014

Land Use and Society, Third Edition

Geography, Law, and Public Policy

Island Press

The intersection between geography and law is a critical yet oftenoverlooked element of land-use decisions, with a widespread impact onhow societies use the land, water, and biodiversity around them. LandUse and Society, Third Edition is a clear and compelling guide to therole of law in shaping patterns of land use and environmentalmanagement. Originally published in 1996 and revised in 2004, thisthird edition has been updated with data from the 2010 U.S. Census andrevised with the input of academics and professors to address thechanging issues in land use, policy, and law today.

Land Use and Society, Third Edition retains the historicalapproach of the original text while providing a more concise andtopical survey of the evolution of urban land use regulation, fromEurope in the Middle Ages through the present day United States.Rutherford Platt examines the “nuts and bolts” of land usedecision-making in the present day and analyzes key players, includingprivate landowners, local and national governments, and the courts.This third edition is enhanced by a discussion of the current trendsand issues in land use, from urban renewal and demographic shifts incities to the growing influence of local governance in land usemanagement.

Land Use and Society, Third Edition is a vital resource forany student seeking to understand the intersection between law,politics, and the natural world. While Platt examines specific rules,doctrines, and practices from an American context, an understanding ofthe role of law in shaping land use decisions will prove vital forstudents, policymakers, and land use managers around the world.

Rutherford H. Platt is Professor Emeritus of Geographyat the University of Massachusetts Amherst and a Lifetime NationalAssociate of The National Academies. He is the author of Disastersand Democracy: The Politics of Extreme Natural Events andReclaiming American Cities: The Struggle for People, Place, andNature Since 1900, among many other publications. Platt has servedon various panels of the National Academy of Sciences/National ResearchCouncil and has consulted with diverse federal agencies andnongovernmental organizations.

Introduction. Geography, Law, and Landscape: Reflections From 30,000Feet

PART I. Preliminaries: Land, Geography and Law

Chapter 1. Land Use and Society: Fundamentals and Issues

Chapter 2. Shaping the Human Landscape: The Interaction of Geographyand Law

PART II. From Feudalism to Federalism: The SocialOrganization of Land Use

Chapter 3. Historical Roots of American Land Use Institutions

Chapter 4. Building a Metropolitan Nation: 1900-1940

Chapter 5. The Polarized Metropolis: 1945-2010

Part III. Discordant Voices: Property Rights vs. The PublicInterest

Chapter 6. Property Rights: The Owner as Planner

Chapter 7. The Tapestry of Local Governments

Chapter 8. Zoning, Regionalism, and Smart Growth

Chapter 9. Land Use and the Courts

Chapter 10. Congress and the Metropolitan Environment

Epilogue. Towards More Humane Urbanism

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