Queering Social Work Education
276 pages, 6 x 9
Release Date:01 Jul 2017
Release Date:15 Nov 2016
Release Date:17 Jan 2017
Release Date:17 Jan 2017

Queering Social Work Education

UBC Press

Until now there has been a systemic failure within social work education to address the unique experiences and concerns of LGBTQ individuals and communities. Queering Social Work Education, the first book of its kind in North America, responds to the need for theoretically informed, inclusive, and sensitive approaches in social work education.

This original collection presents the thoughts, reflections, and recommendations of a diverse range of queer social work scholars, students, and educators. Part 1 opens with essays on LGBTQ history, activism, and theory, as well as on the profession’s current relationship with LGBTQ communities. Part 2 offers insight into the experiences of queer social workers and students through first-hand accounts of oppression, resistance, and celebration. In Part 3, contributors reflect on the challenges ahead for making social work education – and by extension, the profession – more inclusive of queer individuals.

Combining LGBTQ history and personal narratives with much-needed analyses and recommendations, this book will help readers develop awareness, dismantle prejudice, and contribute positively to the future of social work education, research, policy, and practice.

Contributing to anti-oppressive, minority-sensitive, and human-rights approaches to scholarship, this book will interest scholars, educators, and graduate students in the fields of social work, education, and gender and sexuality studies.

Susan Hillock is an associate professor in the Department of Social Work at Trent University.

Nick J. Mulé is an associate professor in the School of Social Work at York University.

Contributors: Ligaya Byrch, Matthew Craggs, Shelley L. Craig, Christopher Doiron, Marlene Ham, Becky Idems, Maryam Khan, Robyn Lippett, Karolyn Martin, Lauren B. McInroy, Delores Mullings, Aurora Jade Pichette, Norma Jean Profitt, Jake Pyne, Brenda Richard, Tanya Shute, and Jan Yorke

Preface / Susan Hillock and Nick J. Mulé

Introduction / Susan Hillock

Part 1: From Absence to Presence – Queers Positioning Themselves in Social Work

1 A Queer History / Susan Hillock

2 Broadening Theoretical Horizons: Liberating Queer in Social Work Academe / Nick J. Mulé

3 Queer and Trans Collisions in the Classroom: A Call to Throw Open Theoretical Doors in Social Work Education / Jake Pyne

4 Social Work, the Academy, and Queer Communities: Heteronormativity and Exclusion / Susan Hillock

Part 2: Coming Out and the Academic Closet – Rainbow Narratives

5 Feminist and Queer Rights: The Lived and Living Experience of Queer Social Work Faculty / Norma Jean Profitt and Brenda Richard

6 Constructing Alternatives: Reflections on Heterosexism in Social Work Education / Karolyn Martin and Robyn Lippett

7 Coming Out with God in Social Work? Narrative of a Queer Religious Woman in Academe / Maryam Khan

8 Challenging Transmisogyny: From the Classroom to Social Work Practice / Jade Pichette

Part 3: The Queering Project – Gender and Sexual Diversity in Social Work Education

9 Oh Canada: LGBTQ Students and Campus Climates in Canadian Social Work Programs / Shelley L. Craig, Lauren B. McInroy, and Christopher Doiron

10 Opening Theory: Polyamorous Ethics as a Queering Inquiry in the Social Work Classroom / Becky Idems

11 Social Work Education: Exploring Pitfalls and Promises in Teaching about Black Queer Older Adults / Delores V. Mullings

12 Queering Space in Social Work: How Simcoe County Has Moved from Queerful to Queerious / Jan Yorke, Ligaya Byrch, Marlene Ham, Matthew Craggs, and Tanya Shute

Conclusion / Nick J. Mulé


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