The Chinese State at the Borders
352 pages, 6 x 9
3 b&w figures, 6 maps
Release Date:01 Jul 2008
Release Date:21 May 2007
Release Date:01 Jul 2008

The Chinese State at the Borders

Edited by Diana Lary
UBC Press
In this ground-breaking study, Hsiao Ting Lin demonstrates that the Chinese frontier was the subject neither of concerted aggression on the part of a centralized and indoctrinated Chinese government nor of an ideologically driven nationalist ethnopolitics. Instead, nationalist sovereignty over Tibet and other border regions was the result of rhetorical grandstanding by Chiang Kai-shek and his regime. Tibet and Nationalist China’s Frontier makes a crucial contribution to the understanding of past and present China-Tibet relations. A counterpoint to erroneous historical assumptions, this book will change the way Tibetologists and modern Chinese historians frame future studies of the region.
RELATED TOPICS: Asian Studies, China Studies
By presenting new work, much of it by younger and Canadian scholars, this volume, complete with a comprehensive bibliography, offers access to a burgeoning literature on China’s borders from the Ming to the present. Valerie Hansen, Yale University, International History Review XXX, 3
The Chinese State at the Borders is well-researched, thought-provoking, and highly literate – the contributors are first-rate scholars. Any reader interested in the history of Chinese frontiers or the nature of the Chinese state, past and present, will benefit from this multidisciplinary volume. Bernard Luk, York University and The Hong Kong Institute of Education
This book is of great importance in helping to reshape our conceptions of 'China' as a spatial entity . . . The Chinese State at the Borders makes a highly significant contribution to the surprisingly scanty literature on China’s borders, and extends its reach beyond that through comparative examples. Naomi Standen, co-editor of Frontiers in Question: Eurasian Borderlands, 700-1700
Diana Lary is a professor of history and director of the Centre of Chinese Research at the Institute of Asian Studies, University of British Columbia. Among her many publications, she is co-editor with Stephen MacKinnon of Scars of War: The Impact of Warfare on Modern China.



1 The Borderlands in Chinese Political Theory, Past and Present / Alexander Woodside

2 Ming-Qing Border Defense, the Inward Turn of Chinese Cartography, and Qing Expansion in Central Asia in the Eighteenth Century / Benjamin Elman

3 Marital Politics on the Manchu-Mongol Frontier in the Early Seventeenth Century / Nicola Di Cosmo

4 What Happens When Wang Yangming Crosses the Border / Timothy Brook

5 Wang Yangming and the Problem of "Non-Chinese" / Leo Shin

6 Embracing Victory, Effacing Defeat: Rewriting the Qing Frontier Campaigns / Peter Purdue

7 The Qing-Choson Frontier on Mount Paektu / Andre Schmid

8 The Amur, as River, as Border / Victor Zatsepine

9 The Ethics of Benevolence in French Colonial Vietnam: A Sino-Franco-Vietnamese Cultural Borderland / Van Nguyen-Marshall

10 A zone of nebulous menace: the Guangxi/Indochina border in the Republican period / Diana Lary

11 Border Banishment: Political Exile in the Army Farms of Beidahuang / Wang Ning

12 L'état, c'est nous? or We have met the oppressor and he is us? The predicament of minority cadres in the PRC / Stevan Harrell

13 Theoretical and Conceptual Perspectives on the Periphery in Contemporary China / Pitman Potter



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