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Leaving Mesa Verde

Peril and Change in the Thirteenth-Century Southwest

The University of Arizona Press

A great mystery in the archaeology of the Southwest is the depopulation of the northern San Juan in the late thirteenth-century AD. Leaving Mesa Verde confronts this mystery with new paleoenvironmental data and much archaeological research. What arises is a story of conflict and disruption as a result of climate change, environmental degradation, social rigidity, and conflict.

  • Copyright year: 2012
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The Model-Based Archaeology of Socionatural Systems

School for Advanced Research Press

How should archaeologists and other social scientists tackle the big and little questions about change in socionatural systems? Although fieldwork is certainly the place to start, it alone is not enough to answer troublesome "how" or "why" questions. To make sense of what they find in the field, archaeologists build models-possible explanations for the data.

  • Copyright year: 2007
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Ten Thousand Years of Inequality

The Archaeology of Wealth Differences

The University of Arizona Press

Archaeology at last allows the humanity’s deep past to provide an account of the early manifestations of wealth inequality around the world. In this first systematic presentation of quantitative data on ancient inequality, archaeologists explore the nature and implications of wealth disparity in the distant past.

  • Copyright year: 2018
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Archaeology of Bandelier National Monument

Village Formation on the Pajarito Plateau, New Mexico

University of New Mexico Press

These essays summarize the results of new excavation and survey research at Bandelier National Monument, with special attention to determining why larger sites appear when and where they do, and how life in these later villages and towns differed from life in the earlier small hamlets that first dotted the Pajarito in the mid-1100s.

  • Copyright year: 2004
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