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People of the Middle Fraser Canyon

An Archaeological History

UBC Press

The first synthesis of the archaeological and ethnological evidence pertaining to the St’át’imc or Upper Lillooet people of the Mid-Fraser Canyon.

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Ideologies in Archaeology

The University of Arizona Press

Contributors to this volume focus on elements of life in past societies that "went without saying" and that concealed different forms of power as obvious and unquestionable.

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The Archaeology of Native-Lived Colonialism

The University of Arizona Press

This book examines how communities from three aboriginal nations in what is now southwestern On-tario negotiated the changes that accompanied the arrival of Europeans and maintained a cultural continuity with their pasts that has been too often overlooked in conventional "master narrative" histories of contact.

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The Life-Giving Stone

The University of Arizona Press

A simple food-preparation device reveals complexities of an ancient culture. In this careful investigation into the cultural significance of a simple tool, Michael Searcy's ethnographic observations are guided by his interest in how grinding stone traditions have persisted--and how they are changing today--and by a desire to enhance archaeological interpretation of these stones that were fundamental to prehispanic agriculturalists with corn-based cuisines.

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Living with the Dead

The University of Arizona Press

This useful volume offers new insights into the many ways in which the dead and the living interacted in prehistoric and historic Mesoamerica. Here well-known scholars offer synergistic insights by employing historical sources, comparative art history, anthropology, and sociology, as well as archeology and anthropology. Together they uncover surprising commonalities across Mesoamerican cultures.

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Light from Ancient Campfires

Archaeological Evidence for Native Lifeways on the Northern Plains

Athabasca University Press

Light from Ancient Campfires is the first book in twenty years to gather together a comprehensive prehistoric archaeological record of the Alberta Plains First Nations.

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