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Indicator Plants of Coastal British Columbia

UBC Press

Indicator Plants of Coastal British Columbia fully discusses how indicator plants are recognized and demonstrates how indicator plants can be used in site diagnosis.

  • Copyright year: 1989
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Lush Low-Water Plants & Landscapes

The University of Arizona Press, Ironwood Press

Water in the West is a precious commodity. It may come as a surprise that, on average, more than half of residential water use in this region goes to outdoor irrigation--our lawns, plants, and landscapes. In some desert cities, outdoor water use during the warm summer months accounts for more than 70 percent of home water consumption. ...

  • Copyright year: 2007
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Indicator Plant Species in Canadian Forests

Canadian Forestry - Ottawa
  • Copyright year: 2002
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Food Plants of the Sonoran Desert

The University of Arizona Press

The seemingly inhospitable Sonoran Desert has provided sustenance to indigenous peoples for centuries. Although it is to all appearances a land bereft of useful plants, fully one-fifth of the desert's flora are edible. This volume presents information on nearly 540 edible plants used by people of more than fifty traditional ...

  • Copyright year: 2001
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Aboriginal Plant Use in Canada's Northwest Boreal Forest

UBC Press, Canadian Forest Service

This is a handbook of more than 200 traditional plants and their usage among First Nations people in Canada's northwest boreal forest (northern Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta).

  • Copyright year: 2000
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Plants of British Columbia

Scientific and Common Names of Vascular Plants, Bryophytes, and Lichens

UBC Press

An up-to-date checklist of the current valid taxonomy for all vascular plants, bryophytes, and lichens in British Columbia.

  • Copyright year: 1998
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Sonoran Desert Plants

The University of Arizona Press

The Sonoran Desert, a fragile ecosystem, is under ever-increasing pressure from a burgeoning human population. This ecological atlas of the region's plants, a greatly enlarged and full revised version of the original 1972 atlas, will be an invaluable resource for plant ecologists, botanists, geographers, and other scientists, and for all with a serious interest in living with and protecting a unique natural southwestern heritage.

An encyclopedia as well as an atlas, this monumental work describes the taxonomy, geographic distribution, and ecology of 339 plants, most of them common and characteristic trees, shrubs, or succulants. Also included is valuable information on natural history and ethnobotanical, commercial, and horticultural uses of these plants. The entry for each species includes a range map, an elevational profile, and a narrative account. The authors also include an extensive bibliography, referring the reader to the latest research and numerous references of historical importance, with a glossary to aid the general reader.

Sonoran Desert Plants is a monumental work, unlikely to be superseded in the next generation. As the region continues to attract more people, there will be an increasingly urgent need for basic knowledge of plant species as a guide for creative and sustainable habitation of the area. This book will stand as a landmark resource for many years to come.

  • Copyright year: 1995
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Forest ecosystem classification for Manitoba

field guide

Canadian Forest Service, Northern Forestry Centre
  • Copyright year: 1995
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