The Athenians and Their Empire
244 pages, 6 x 9
8 b&w illustrations
Release Date:01 Jan 1987
Release Date:01 Nov 2007

The Athenians and Their Empire

UBC Press

Malcolm McGregor draws on a life-time of scholarship to write a comprehensive account of the most celebrated period in classical Greek history – “The Golden Age” – in which military and political advances of the Athenians coincided with their greatest achievements in art, literature, philosophy, and social theory. McGregor explains how democracy was nurtured in Athens and how effective government was achieved by a balance of open public debate and the role of individual decisive statesmen such as Pericles. This genuinely democratic government brought peace and prosperity to the Athenians and their allies and, as McGregor asserts, contributed to the extraordinary cultural ascendancy of fifth-century Greece.

In this straightforward but colourful narrative, McGregor avoids the detailed complexities of scholarly controversy. The Athenians and Their Empire is the only critical study of its kind and will be of equal interest to students, teachers, general readers and travellers with a keen desire to understand the most crucial and fascinating period of ancient Greek history and culture.

For a scholarly work the style is lively and the chapters brisk and concise. Yet the information is extensive and includes an excellent glossary on Greek terms/offices. Balder Journal, ECCAARTH
Teachers in search of a good, elementary and introductory text on this topic will welcome McGregor’s contribution, as will those who have heard about the Athenian Empire and wish to get some orientation about it ... A useful and welcome addition to our bookshelves, and the audience McGregor had in mind has been well served by his efforts. Charles D. Hamilton, Plutarchos
Malcolm McGregor is a professor emeritus of classics at the University of British Columbia.



I The Sources

II Hellenes and Persians in Asia Minor

III The Persian Invasions

IV The Meeting on Delos V. The Confederacy in Action

VI The First Peloponnesian War

VII The Peace of Callias

VIII The Panhellenic Conference

IX A New Imperialism

X From Armistice to Peace

XI The Acme Empire

XII Imperial Administration

XIII Government in Athens

XIV Prelude to War

XV The Great War

XVI Empire: A Verdict


1 Chronological Table of Major Events

2 Thucydides' 'Pentekontaetia'

3 The Athenian Calendar

4 Coinage

5 The Members of the Empire

6 The Quota-lists Index of Places Index of People

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