Critical Criminology in Canada
336 pages, 6 x 9
Release Date:01 Jul 2011
Release Date:22 Dec 2010
Release Date:01 Jan 2011

Critical Criminology in Canada

New Voices, New Directions

Edited by Aaron Doyle and Dawn Moore
SERIES: Law and Society
UBC Press

Canada’s criminal justice landscape has been shaped by contrary trends in recent years. As the crime rate declines, policy-makers continue to push for tough-on-crime legislation, and university criminology programs continue to expand. Given this context, what does the future hold for criminal justice and criminology in the twenty-first century?

To answer this question, this book presents the work of a new generation of researchers and thinkers in critical criminology. The authors examine the place of criminology in English and French Canada, the politics and ethics of criminal justice and criminology in a conservative climate, and the role of professors in ever-expanding criminology programs. Breaking away from mainstream criminology and popular law-and-order discourses, the authors offer a spectrum of approaches to criminological theory – from work influenced by Michel Foucault to feminist criminology, from critical realism to anarchism – and they propose novel approaches to topics such as activism, genocide, white-collar crime, and the effects of prison sentences on families.

By posing crucial questions for a new generation and attempting to define what criminology should be, Critical Criminology in Canada: New Voices, New Directions will shape debates about policing, crime, and punishment for years to come.

This book is mandatory reading for students and scholars of law, criminology, and criminal justice.

Finally, a book that brings together the state-of-the-art in Canadian critical criminology. The contributions to this volume are by the new Young Turks of Canadian criminology, and what they have to say is distinctive and important ... Students of criminology across Canada must read this book if they are to understand and appreciate the state of play in academic criminology and realize what they are in for when they take on the label ‘criminologist.’ James Sheptycki, Department of Criminology, York University
This is an original, thought-provoking book, one that provokes interchange and debates across the different, sometimes isolated, always contentious fragments that make up the criminological enterprise today. The uniqueness of Canadian critical criminology is recognized and celebrated, but the book is never parochial -- it contributes theoretically and often substantively to every major issue. Laureen Snider, Professor Emerita, Department of Sociology, Queen's University

Aaron Doyle is an associate professor in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Carleton University. Dawn Moore is an associate professor in the Department of Law at Carleton University.

Contributors: Gillian Balfour, Benoît Dupont, Jon Frauley, Lisa Freeman, Stacey Hannem, Bryan Hogeveen, Laura Huey, George Rigakos, Kevin Walby, James W. Williams, Andrew Woolford, Diana Young

Introduction: Questions for a New Generation of Criminologists / Aaron Doyle and Dawn Moore

Part 1: Canadian Criminology in the Twenty-First Century

1 The Dilemmas of "Doing" Criminology in Québec: Curse or Opportunity? / Benoît Dupont

2 Reconciling Spectres: Promises of Criminology / Bryan R. Hogeveen

3 Commodifying Canadian Criminology: Applied Criminology Programs and the Future of the Discipline / Laura Huey

Part 2: Expanding the Criminological Focus

4 Corporate and White-Collar Crime: Reflections on the Study of Financial Wrongdoing in the Era of Neo-Liberalism / James W. Williams

5 Criminological Nightmares: A Canadian Criminology of Genocide / Andrew Woolford

6 Power and Resistance in Community-Based Sentencing / Diana Young

7 Stigma and Marginality: Gender Experiences of Families of Male Prisoners in Canada / Stacey Hannem

Part 3: Theory and Praxis

8 Reimagining a Feminist Criminology / Gillian Balfour

9 The Promise of Critical Realism: Toward a Post-Empiricist Criminology / George S. Rigakos and Jon Frauley

10 The Right to the City on Trial / Lisa Freeman

11 Anarcho-Abolition: A Challenge to Conservative and Liberal Criminology / Kevin Walby


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